From the Heart of the Himalayas

At Himalita, we are passionate about bringing the greatest gift of Mother Nature to mankind- the gorgeous and life sustaining pink salt crystals. Our passion encompasses everything and every aspect of authentic Himalayan salt. For millennia, Himalayan salt was only available to the locals but it is our endeavor to make the superlative benefits of this natural substance available to people all over the world.

Moreover, it is our fervent effort to educate people on how Himalayan salt and products made through the use of these saline crystals can help them. To this effect, we offer an extensive amount of information on just about everything that is related to Himalayan pink salt. From details on the diverse range of products that we stock to generic information on how these colorful salt crystals can bestow the boons of health and peace on your life, you will find information on these and many other topics in the index below.

Himalayan Salt Vs. Table Salt

Vascular Health 95%
Boost Immune System 75%
Increases Your Energy Level 85%
Replenishes Electrolytes 95%
pH Balace 80%