Himalayan Salt Lamps to Light and Restore Your Home

Himalayan salt lamps – A gift from mother nature. Home maker wants to create a welcoming, harmonious, and balanced environment, that will nurture and sustain those who will build their lives together under one roof. A home must be conducive of a sense of belonging, safety, harmony, and sacred space, for all who live in it.

But, Alas! – Just fairly recently, homemakers have recognized the invasion of a ‘new,’ silent killer, that threatens the comfort of their homely abodes and the well-being of their families. It is a plague caused by our overwhelmingly electronic age that has invaded our households….

Himalayan salt lamps
– Himalayan salt lamps are used in salt spas across the world

Around your home there are many gadgets whose electrical emissions are terribly harmful for anyone who lives under the same roof and breathes the contaminated air. Home entertainment systems, microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, and the various technologies that are so much a part of our lifestyles, and our homes, are a mixed blessing. An invisible “smog”, created by all the electricity that powers our living and that of our loved ones, is a serious threat to their well-being.

The list of electrical stuff in houses that may affect us is endless, and the dangerous symptoms are so many that a complete list would be very long. But, more importantly, what are we to do about this electronic mess – In order to Protect ourselves and those living in our homes against the electro-poison produced by wireless radiation, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances?

In her non-intrusive way, Mother Nature comes bearing a gift – from the far distant snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges – to help us in our grapples against this unseen atrocity. And, in her creative way, Mother Nature has chosen to fashion this gift out of the substance of her most ancient and exotic of natural Crystals, so that it may be a natural marvel to adorn our homes with. To be sure, this beautiful gift is the gift of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

On a daily basis, salt-miners delve deep into the deep-rooted treasuries of the archaic Himalayan Mountains, to unearth one of the world’s rarest and most valuable crystalline minerals… a mineral that started to mature over many thousands of years ago when the prehistoric oceans that used to rest there, dried up and departed. There, under the majestic foothills of the Himalayas, Nature has kept a priceless store of crystalline Himalayan pink salt locked away for centuries- to be salvaged in time and dug out for it’s incredible health benefits. There is the wonderful source of Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt Products

Out of this stockpile, large chunks of these enriched gemstones are carefully selected, and sculpted by hand, and hollowed out to hold a light-source (a candle or light bulb). These handmade Himalayan salt lamps are not only a visual wonder in the household, with their warm therapeutic glow and raw vintage-looking shells, but they provide numerous health benefits as well. With the combination of the heat from the lustrous light source, and the unsullied properties of the mineral-rich rock salt, these Himalayan salt lamps have unparalleled natural air-purifying and therapeutic capabilities.

It is not just hearsay! Countless homeowners have been thrilled with the surprising naturally rejuvenating and health-giving effects that their Himalayan Salt Lamps have brought indoors into their homes. Countless studies into the field have also been made to authenticate these lamps as natural air ionizers.

Surprisingly they do work, but to better appreciate the health benefits of salt lamps, we need to touch on: how do salt lamps work? And we might need to touch on some of the science bits too:

How Negative Ions Affect Our Homes

Think of soaking up the purity of the air after a thunderstorm, or standing on a beach near the rolling waves – breathing in the free, clear air. You can almost taste the cleanliness of breathing that kind of air. The magic it works on your physical and emotional well-being is almost tangible.

(And there is a way that you can bring home this naturally sterile experience…)

We mostly think of airborne impurities in terms of particles and vacuum emissions and dirt – and that is all right – but the air around us is also charged with ions.

The crisp renewed air after a thunderstorm, or that is invoked by the pulsating seashore, or on the peak of a serene mountaintop, is brought about by negative ions that are stirred up by the forces of nature. It is the rush of these negative ions that balance out the air, offsetting the intensely positive-charged environment.

How Himalayan salt lamps can help you

By lighting a salt lamp made of Himalayan crystal salt, you can bring that naturally balancing interplay of positive ions and negative ions , which restores and clarifies the air in nature, into your home.

Many studies have been conducted, and brought to light how that negative ions discharged into the atmosphere can have phenomenal positive effects. Take for example this extensive study by Fayette-ville State University (http://faculty.uncfsu.edu/grahi/Positive%20Ion%20Poisoning.doc). In most of these studies, specialized negative ion generators were used in controlled group environments — not something you can readily recreate in your own home. This is enough to grasp the effect that negative ions have, and the importance of the role they play to cleanse the air that you breathe.

Equally as many worldwide studies support the fact that a salt crystal lamp releases ions into its surrounding environment. This broad research draws attention to the fact that more negative ions are detectable where a salt crystal lamp is at work. This kind of ion emission can only be accomplished naturally in mineral salt. Of all the naturally harvested minerals, only salt possesses the ability to transform in this way with water – because of its neutral atomic structure.

With the temperature of its light source, the heated crystal salt of the lamp attracts the moisture from the ambient air. The salt then mixes with the water molecules, and the Sodium and chloride are diluted. Sodium, (which are positively charged ions), and chloride, (which are negatively charged ions), neutralize, and are released back into the air.

In this way, Himalayan salt lamps produce a balancing, purifying aura around themselves, and act as nature’s natural air ionizers – capable of providing naturally rejuvenating benefits.

The right sized lamp in the right sized room, or a careful arrangement of a couple of salt lamps throughout, can remarkably reduce the contamination in your home environment… Since the air inside our homes have an imbalance of positive and negatively charged ions due to the invasion of air pollutants from the atmosphere and ‘electrical-smog’ created by electrical equipment.

What Your Soul Needs

To live in a Home is to live in a space where spiritual life is also possible, where everything in it should contribute to the inner well-being of those who live there. A home is a place where our loved ones experience and develop who they are, and what they want to be. It should be a place of creative incubation.

But we live submerged in electrical pollution of the air and atmospheres in our homes, which has it’s adverse effects, not only on our physical health, but also to the disadvantage of our inner well-being.

Electromagnetic oscillation

Every living thing on God’s green earth thrives in tune with the electromagnetic vibrational field (also called the Schuman resonance frequency). Because of the electronics in your home, artificial electromagnetic wavelengths spread through your home with many different, erratic frequency values.

Take for instance, your computer monitor or television. The electromagnetic field of these appliances ranges in between 100-160Hz. Your brain waves, on the other hand, can generate only 8Hz (in keeping with the frequency of the Schuman resonance). In other words, you are in way over your head, and your body is battered by frequency patterns that are to up to 20 times higher than normal.

Being continually bombarded by these positively charged ions, can upset your and your family’s well-being, and cause a number of discomforts including:

  • Increased Nervousness
  • Unnerving Bodily Stress
  • Sleep Disruption and Insomnia
  • A Lack of Concentration
  • Increased Build up of Free Radicals (which may lead to cancer), etc.

There is hardly any room for calm meditation, personal growth, and creativity to flow through this haze of electric smog. Himalayan Salt Lamps can help you reclaim your sacred space.

Because of the neutral atomic structure of crystal salt, a heated salt lamp helps you harmonize and balance these artificial frequencies, and neutralize “electro-smog”.

The Therapeutic Effect Of Colors On Your Body and Mind

Not only is a Himalayan salt lamp an exotic showpiece, but under that soothing pinkish to orange glow under the light source, it conceals soothing color-therapeutic potencies.

As we know, color is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, as we see or feel it. And, to reap the healing benefits of color, you need the light waves in the frequencies of the rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometers). Even our bodies and cells are reinforced by light with rejuvenating energy as a result of these electromagnetic wavelengths.

The transparent crystalline layer-upon-layer structure of the Himalayan salt lamp, enhances the light waves that pass through it. The wavelengths of salt crystal colors fall within the upper nanometer zone (600-700 nanometers).

In fact, crystal salt lamps occupy an ideal range of wavelength, which fall into the same natural color wavelengths of the sunrise and the sunset. With its unique natural orange-rose-red color spectrum, a crystal salt lamp is excellent for natural color therapy. Following is a list of the color frequencies emitted by Himalayan Salt Lamps, and their effects:

  • Orange: Radiates a sense of security, stimulates the nervous system and the mind; also setting the kidneys and bladder in motion.
  • Yellow: Raises the intellect and intellectual capacity. This color-frequency stimulates the liver, pancreas, as well as the gall bladder.
  • Red: Revitalizes and reinforces the will to live, and invigorates the heart, as well as overall circulation.
  • Pink: Stimulates relationships, openness, partnership and mutual love, Stimulates affection and emotions.
  • White: Characterizes natural healing. It stimulates detoxifying agents and cleanses.
  • Brown: Balance. Inspires and motivates one to find balance and supports stability.

How to use Himalayan Salt Lamps

These Unique Salt Lamps tend to enrich the beauty of any living space with a sense of warmth, brightness and refreshedness. Available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, Himalayan salt lamps not only look heartwarming and welcoming, but they are a health-giving contribution to your interior décor.

If there is one hitch about salt lamps, it is that they have a very limited reach. Putting one salt lamp in your downstairs living-room will not make your entire house a resort for restoration.

Salt Lamps
Salt Lamps

 The right sized lamp in the right sized room, or a sentient arrangement of a couple of Himalayan salt lamps throughout, can remarkably reduce the contamination in your home environment…

By finding strategic places, in your office space or home, to place a few salt lamps, you can get the greatest benefit out of them. Even large homes or office-spaces are not unsolvable. By carefully choosing where to place a set of salt lamps, you can spread their healthful radiance throughout your environment.

The spaces in your home that are full of activity, and where you spend the most time, is where your salt lamps are the most appropriate… such as your children’s bedrooms, and living room, etc.

Bring Home The Health-Giving Benefits that have been sheltered under the slopes of the Himalayan Mountains, and experience the soothing and purifying effects of a Himalayan salt lamp. Only once you’ve owned one will you truly be able to appreciate its benefits.

These lamps do not only make gorgeous and authentic showpieces, but will definitely make for a conversation starter to anyone visiting your home for the first time. They are your own little piece of the mystical legacy of the Himalayas.

They produce a warm vibrant glow that enhances the mood of the overall atmosphere, and the overall well-being of any household.

  • Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your sacred meditation space, as an appeasing light on your road to transcendence.
  • Near televisions, computers and around smokers, they will curb the detrimental effects of electronic emissions and disturbing frequencies.
  • Use these beautiful salt lamps in office spaces to reduce fatigue, to minimize radiation and embellish the surroundings of your work area; To improve concentration and refresh your colleagues by neutralizing the effects of an unnaturally affected environment.
  • Salt Lamps do a whole lot of good for people with respiratory diseases, asthma, and naturally ionize their vicinity – reducing allergic reactions and asthma attacks at home.
  • Pathogens in the air also need moisture to survive. A salt lamp eliminates these pathogens by eliminating excessive moisture in a living space through its hydroscopic crystals; in this way, it purifies the air in it’s vicinity of harmful bacteria that may cause illness.
  • Place them in your bedroom: It also has a good calming effect and acts against and aids sleep.

Discover the purifying and soothing glimmer of Himalayan salt lamps, and bring home the aesthetic and priceless health benefits of salt lamps into your household.

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