How should I store the Himalayan cleansing bar?

After you are done using the salt bar, simply place it on a glass plate and allow it to dry out of the bathroom. A good spot is in the bedroom or near the window where direct sunlight can help it dry. The next day it will be ready to use. Store it in a Ziploc bag if you do not plan on using it for a few days. Be sure to never leave the bar in the bathroom as the high humidity will cause the salt crystals to melt due to faster oxidation of the salt.

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How often is it ok to use my Himalayan salt detox and cleansing bar?

Feel free to use this product as often as you care to. Some people use it on a daily basis and even twice a day! If you feel that your dry skin is reacting to harsh, chemical-laden cleansers, you will love the way your skin feels after using the pink salt detox bar. Experience the distinctive deep cleansing effect you need along with brighter, healthier, softer and smoother skin.

The detox bar can be used directly on the infected area or everywhere to stop bacteria from growing. After your skin condition improves, you may decide to use the bar on an intermittent basis in order to stop future infections.

Using Himalayan salt regularly on your face will help you maintain a youthful and glowing complexion. The pink salt contains minerals that neutralize free radicals and remove toxins that can lead to skin damage, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

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What is the best way to use the Himalayan salt cleansing and detox bar?

If you have normal skin, wet a portion of your bar and then rub the wet salt surface on the area you wish to treat. Be sure to rub gently. The salt will slightly sting if you have any open wounds or sores. This is the salt’s natural way to disinfect the site by seeking and destroying any microorganisms that may be present. The burning sensation will not harm your skin; it’s actually a positive situation. Once the bacteria have been removed from your skin, expect to experience much faster healing.

Another option that is useful if you have severe acne or a recent wound is to simply rub the wet bar in your hands and then pat the resulting mixture of water and salt onto your face. Allow the liquid to dry and then rinse. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer if you prefer.

It is common to find the bar a little rough for the initial use; however, the surface will eventually smooth out. If you do come across the odd abrasive bit, consider filing it off with a regular nail file or dissolving under some warm water.

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Can you explain the benefits of the Himalayan salt cleansing and detox bar?

This product is completely natural and organic. Being free of fragrances, additives, artificial color and not having to rub plastic all over your body is exceptional. Benefits of using this 100% natural and pure Himalayan salt cleansing and detox bar all over your face include:

  • Ability to kill inflammation producing bacteria located in the pores
  • Unplug pores that are clogged and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells
  • Allows oxygen to enter the pores after dissolving the plug of sebum
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Prevents under and over sebum secretion
  • Intensely nourishes the cells across both deep dermal layers and superficial layers
  • The ionic form of the minerals enables them to enter the pores quickly and provide superior absorption in comparison to many chemical items
  • Promotes rapid healing therefore lessening the chance of scar formation
  • Diminishes inflammatory responses and reduces pus formation and redness
  • The Himalayan salt nutrients make their way rapidly into the connective tissue and musculature under the skin, keeping these dermal components healthy.
  • Gentle enough to use on a daily basis
  • Does not clog pores or cause allergies due to its 100% natural composition
  • Can be used all over the body; perfect for washing garden dirt off of hands and feet
  • Ideal for antioxidant and detoxifying massages
  • Great for those who are prone to allergies or suffer from sensitive skin issues
  • *Helpful for eliminating fungal, viral and bacterial infections
  • Perfect for rough skin areas including elbows and knees
  • A natural exfoliator

If you are using the salt cleansing and detoxifying bar on children, have acne or sensitive skin; be sure to wrap the bar in a soft cloth prior to using it.

Why is it a good idea to use the salt cleansing bar as part of my daily skin care regime?

Pink Himalayan salt has an abundance of antibacterial qualities while still being gentle on the skin. This salt is unique as it does not leach hydration from your cells; resulting in flaky and peeling skin. This feature makes it an ideal solution for skin issues including: psoriasis, rash and acne.

A Perfect Complement To Any Skin Care Routine

The 84 trace elements and minerals within the Himalayan pink salt work to eliminate free radicals by promoting detoxification and simultaneously nourishing the skin. Being a 100% natural and organic product, you do not need to worry about interaction or side effects against whatever chemical and natural preparations you may currently be using.

Soothe Damaged Skin

Himalayan pink salt is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. This is a contributing factor of its ability to soothe damaged skin. Himalayan rock salt bars feature a crystalline structure that transforms them into an excellent natural exfoliator. Try using one every day all over your body including your face. You will see and feel the difference.

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What is a Himalayan salt detoxification bar?

Heal your skin ailments naturally with this product. This item has been specifically designed to address dermal issues and to cleanse the skin. The rectangular bar has been made from Himalayan pink salt rocks. It is smooth and has been crafted to use against a host of skin concerns including:

  • Rashes
  • Rosacea
  • Scaly and dry skin
  • Sores
  • Itchy skin
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Inflammation
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Infections
  • Redness

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