How long should I keep the Himalayan salt lamp on?

For as long as you want! In fact, we recommend that you keep the lamp switched on 24/7. The product is designed for long term and all day round use. The only thing that can go wrong is the bulb burning out, which can easily be replaced. Consistent use will make no difference to the size or the ionizing qualities of the salt crystal. If you intend to be away from your home for a couple of days, like with any other electrical gadget, it would be safe to unplug the lamp before you leave.

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What makes Himalayan salt lamps so unique?

No two Himalayan salt lamps are exactly alike. So, you could have more than one in a room and each will lend an exclusive aesthetic impact to the area. A spectacular combination of colors, a crystalline form and above all the inherent physical attributes of salt, make Himalayan salt lamps simply stunning and spectacular. They can lend a timeless appeal to any space and match all type of interiors. Whether you are going for the minimalist look or the decadent effect, Himalayan salt lamps will gel right in with the rest of the decor.

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Are there any potential hazards linked to the use of salt lamps?

None whatsoever! The salt crystal is 100% safe and natural and even when the lamp is switched on, the surface is merely warm, certainly not hot enough to cause an injury if you have used the correct wattage. Ensure that you do not have the lamp plugged too close to a source of water, like the sink or the bathtub.

The moisture will harm the salt crystal and it is just not safe to use any electrical device that close to water. If you need to dust or clean the lamp in any way or even if you want to move it, always switch it off first.

The crystals used in the crafting of our salt lamps are heavy, usually above 2-3 lbs. So, place the lamp in such a way that young kids cannot reach them or fidget with the crystal. We certainly do not want anybody hurting themselves because the lamp was tipped over and the heavy salt rock fell to the floor.

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Does the ionizing effect of the salt lamp decrease with time?

No, it does not in regular temperature and humidity conditions. However, if you see the salt crystal sweating profusely, to the point where a pool of salt water forms around the base, this is a clear indication of too little heat and too much humidity.

There are two ways to remedy this scenario. First, try increasing the bulb wattage. The more the heat the less likely will be the chances of salt water drips. The second solution is to place the lamp in an area of the home that is less humid. Generally, a space that has poor ventilation but high humidity is not right for a Himalayan salt lamp; basements usually fall in this category.

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How can I replace the bulb of my Himalayan salt lamp?

if the bulb has burnt out or you want to increase the wattage, switch off the lamp and give it time to cool. Touch the salt crystal to ensure that it is at room temperature. Turn the lamp sideways and tip to remove the bulb holder. Get the old bulb out and replace it with the new globe.

You should easily be able to find 7 w candelabra bulbs from any odd store that sells lighting and hardware supplies. These work well with our small lamps. For the larger, globe lamp, you may want to go with 15-25 w bulbs. You can also experiment with the color of the bulb to create a unique look.

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Where can I get the light bulbs for my Himalayan salt lamp?

You can buy the bulb from any hardware store such as Home Depot or even retailers like Wal-Mart. You can find 15 w C-7’s at Home Depot; these look like nightlights and offer just the right amount of heat and illumination. Wal-Mart has torpedo shaped chandelier bulbs in 15w and these will also do. If you see the salt crystal sweating, increase the wattage and you will be able to stop the drip of saline water from the surface of the lamp. In the meanwhile, you may want to put a plastic table mat/coaster below the lamp base if you are going to place it on wood.

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What is the average life span of a salt lamp?

You will never need a replacement for your salt lamp unless you dip it in a bucket of water, in which case the salt will dissolve and there will be little left of your lamp. However, if you want to get the best performance from these products, try leaving them on 24/7. If for some reason, you want to store the lamp, wrap the salt crystal in a large plastic zipper bag.

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I already own an electronic ionizer, why should I invest in a Himalayan salt lamp?

The very first consideration here is that unlike those electronic devices, Himalayan salt lamps are all natural. No, we do not mean to keep harping over this, but the fact is that this makes a huge difference to the performance of a salt lamp vis à vis an electronic product.

The purification process triggered by the use of a salt lamp is all natural. There is no release of harmful pathogens or pollutants. Whereas an electronic ionizer will remove airborne particulate matter and in doing so, it will spew ozone into the indoor air. There are several horror stories on the internet which detail how electronic devices proved detrimental for buyers who were susceptible to respiratory ailments.

As far as air purifiers go, they have mechanical filters which trap the dust particles. Eventually, these filters get clogged and have to be cleaned at regular intervals. If you miss a cleaning sessions, all those particles are thrown right back from where they came. Yes, into the air you breathe! In striking contrast, salt lamps are natural filters. The negative ions do not trap the particles but they make these microscopic substances so heavy that they fall to the floor, from where they can easily be removed with vacuuming.

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