Should I be concerned about anything while using the Himalayan salt soap bar?

Even though our product is organic and completely natural, suited for every skin type; the following tips will ensure you the best experience:

  • Avoid contact with your eyes and the salty solution, especially when washing your face.
  • Avoid using the pink salt bar on freshly shaved skin. Consider getting into the habit with using it prior to shaving. Any shaving nicks or razor blade cuts will sting when exposed to salt and turn red due to the natural antiseptic properties of the salt.
  • Discontinue use if you experience burning or redness.
  • Only allow children to use this product under the supervision of an adult.
  • Do not keep your Himalayan salt soap bar in your bathroom unless it is stored in an airtight container. Otherwise, the regular humidity will destroy the bar.

What is the best way to use Himalayan salt soap?

Simply use it the same way as your regular bathing soap; however, it does not lather the same way shower gels and traditional soap. The bar is suitable for use directly on your skin. However, some people may find the pink salt crystals abrasive if they have sensitive skin. To avoid scratches, wrap the bar in a soft face cloth and use it as you normally would.

Using a Himalayan pink soap bar to clean your face can be extremely easy. Rub the bar in your hands and then apply the salt water solution to your face. The active ingredients will work their magic on your face and then you can rinse and pat dry. Do not combine other cleansing products while you are using your Himalayan salt soap bar. There will be no additional round of cleansing necessary afterwards.

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How often can I use my Himalayan pink salt bathing soap?

Use the pink salt bathing salt as often as you please. Use it a minimum of once a day. This bathing bar can be exclusively used on your entire body in the shower or it can be specifically used as a facial cleansing bar. Some prefer it as their regular hand soap for sanitizing and washing their hands. Those who are sensitive to skin allergies may prefer to test the product on the inside of their elbow first prior to using it on their face.

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Why should I incorporate Himalayan salt soap into my routine?

The Himalayan pink salt is the primary ingredient in this product. It is abundant in 84 trace elements including a variety of essential minerals. This makes the Himalayan salt an ideal element for ailments including:

  • Rosacea
  • Heat Rash
  • Eczema
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne Vulgaris

As well as a host of other chronic dermal skin conditions that does not respond to traditional forms of treatment. Inflammation and itchiness are a huge issue for individuals suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis. Pink rock salt helps to sooth the skin and eliminates inflammation levels while curbing the itching. It works by sloughing off dead skin cells while softening the plaque. This helps to decrease any level of inflammation; a major concern for psoriasis sufferers.

Coconut oils and Shea butter work to provide moisture to the skin and glycerin forms a protective barrier locking hydration in. This combination bathes your skin with a supple and soft glow. This is a perfect product for those who wish to be as healthy as possible. When you consider the boundless health benefits offered by using Himalayan pink salt on a regular basis, you will discover that you have been overpaying for your traditional soap and it doesn’t necessarily deliver its advertised promises. In fact, it probably causes more issues than you can imagine.

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Would Himalayan salt soap be okay with my hypersensitive skin?

But of course! This product was specifically formulated for all skin types. We want as many people as possible to gain the benefits from it.

100% Natural and Organic

Individuals who prefer organic products can enjoy this item with peace of mind. Every ingredient used in the Himalayan Salt Soap is organically produced and completely natural. Even the manufacturing process utilizes minimal machinery; providing a reduced chance for any contamination. Not to mention our intense quality control measures in place. We guarantee delivering top quality products and a name you can trust.

Avoid Chemical Additives and Their Potentially Harmful Side Effects

Chemicals such as artificial colors and agents often used to “stabilize” products are not healthy for your body. They remove the dirt from your skin and simultaneously strip the cells of nutrients and essential moisture. This process can leave your skin facing the effects of free-radical damage over time and susceptible to infections.

In order to make sure that these products are safe, we only use 100% natural ingredients to formulate our Himalita Himalayan Salt Soap. You will enjoy your glowing and radiant skin thanks to the replenishing effects of Shea butter and oils that work well with the healing properties of authentic pink Himalayan salt.

Attention Vegans

Our Himalayan Salt Bathing Bar utilizes organic coconut oil and organic palm oil instead of traditional animal fats. If you prefer cruelty-free products, this soap is ideal. The vegan preparation is assimilated better by your skin and provides better overall skin health in comparison to traditional soap recipes.

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How does Himalayan salt soap differ from regular soap?

Our company only utilizes 100% natural and organic ingredients for our Himalayan salt products. You will not find any artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients, animal fats or colors in our stock. Our pure ingredient list includes:

  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Palm Oil
  • 100% Himalayan Salt
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Organic Coconut Oil

After all the benefits we have discussed regarding Himalayan salt, it comes as no surprise that the bathing bar is fabulous for your skin. Some of the 84 trace minerals include: Copper, Sulfur, Manganese and Zinc. These elements are known for helping to detoxify the body, heal skin afflictions and provide deep cleaning to the pores.

People often pamper the skin on their face and then ignore the skin on their body. They may rely on body lotion; however, the limbs and torso often get neglected. Our Himalayan salt soap is the ideal way to offer exceptional care to all of your skin.

The moisturizing and emollient features of the organic palm oil, Shea butter and coconut oil work well with the cleansing and antioxidant properties found in the Himalayan pink salt. This winning combination offers a perfect solution for skin care. All you need to do in order to attain touchable and soft skin is to use your Himalayan salt bar on a daily basis during your shower routine.

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