Are all those salt lamps really made of Himalayan Pink Salt?

Yes, 100%. Except for the base of the lamp which is carved out of wood, usually neem wood, the remainder of the lamp is all salt. Experienced artisans carve large blocks of rock salt into shapes that mimic the overall structure of the Himalayan Mountains. The base of the lamp is wooden and has a holder for the clear light bulb with a cable running through the side. The wire has a plug that has to be inserted into the electrical point.

The crystals used for making Himalayan Salt lamps are meticulously tested to ensure that they have the right color and opacity to allow for the maximum penetration of light. The perfect crystals are hand carved to have an orifice in the center that holds the bulb and a variety of external shapes. Most Himalayan salt lamps that we offer are crafted to have a triangular shape, tapering and tall with a wide base. The look is natural and undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, in terms of geometry, the unique shape will blend with all type of interior decor.

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