Are there any potential hazards linked to the use of salt lamps?

None whatsoever! The salt crystal is 100% safe and natural and even when the lamp is switched on, the surface is merely warm, certainly not hot enough to cause an injury if you have used the correct wattage. Ensure that you do not have the lamp plugged too close to a source of water, like the sink or the bathtub.

The moisture will harm the salt crystal and it is just not safe to use any electrical device that close to water. If you need to dust or clean the lamp in any way or even if you want to move it, always switch it off first.

The crystals used in the crafting of our salt lamps are heavy, usually above 2-3 lbs. So, place the lamp in such a way that young kids cannot reach them or fidget with the crystal. We certainly do not want anybody hurting themselves because the lamp was tipped over and the heavy salt rock fell to the floor.

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