But, am I getting authentic Himalayan Salt?

All our products, including edible pink salt is made using the finest grade and 100% pure Himalayan Salt rocks. We, at Himalita, have forged ties with numerous Pakistani companies to ensure that only the best and purest Himalayan Salt is sourced to us. What’s more is that we are FDA complaint, so you can buy without worrying.

In addition, we ensure that all our products are tested in third party laboratories and we have strict quality control measures in place at the manufacturing and packaging stages. The Himalayan Salt that we supply is tested for chemical purity as well as molecular integrity. What you get is indeed the same salt as that found deep in the Khewra mines of Pakistan.

Through these testing and control processes, we ensure that only the best products reach our customers. So, rest assured whether its edible Pink Salt or the salt lamps or inhalers on this site, they have all been made through the use of 100% pure and authentic Himalayan Salt.

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