Can Himalayan salt baths diminish my cellulite problem?

Interestingly enough, cellulite is a symptom of your body’s issues with excess sodium and not a condition itself. Himalayan salt can be helpful in multiple ways:

  1. Use Himalayan pink salt in place of your regular table salt. The pink salt has a lower sodium content than traditional salt. Himalayan rock salt measures in at 84-87% sodium as opposed to the 98% sodium found in refined salt. The loads of minerals and trace elements you additionally enjoy will help you eliminate toxins that accumulate under tissues and balance the sodium levels in your system.
  1. Frequently bathe with Himalayan salt water. Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb the beneficial minerals via osmosis. The direct exposure to the iconic pink salt will target the toxins stored in adipose tissue and pull them out. Additionally, the underlying connective tissue and muscles become soothed. The overall appearance is less cellulite and a healthier body…hooray!

By targeting the cellulite from the outside and the inside, you will attain noticeable results. As you are no longer consuming bleached, traditional table salt, and enjoying excess minerals, you will enjoy a huge improvement within your skin health in all aspects of your body.

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