Can I expect my blood pressure to be cured?

Himalayan Salt although effective is a form of therapeutic intervention that helps to strengthen various physiological systems such as the immune and digestive functions. Although extremely potent at warding off infections, Himalayan salt is not a cure for any ailment. Yes, there are studies and ample of anecdotal evidence which supports the health benefits of pink salt.

In fact, many of our users have reported significant improvement in their health and even an increased sense of well being after using our products. Yet, we don’t claim that any of our products can be used to cure any disease.

It is well known that substituting Himalayan salt for regular salt conspicuously impacts water retention in the body. Pink salt also aids in increasing and triggering the process of osmosis in the body. As a result, your body goes into auto repair mode. Toxins are flushed out, the adipose tissue (fats) starts to melt and muscles gain strength. All of this translates to a greater ability to shed weight, marked reduction in the appearance of cellulite and greater energy.

Although Himalayan Salt does not cure hypertension, what it does is regulates the level of fluids in the body, preventing drastic fluctuations and imbalances and this does have a bearing on your blood pressure. With the continuous use of Himalayan Salt, you will cleanse your body and stabilize the fluid levels which will regulate your blood pressure.

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