Cooking with a Salt block… really?

Move aside pots and pans, the Himalayan Salt Block is here! Yes, you heard it right and it is all the rage in gourmet restaurants and even Michelin star establishments. It is the latest and by far the trendiest way to cook foods right in front of the guests, right on the table. Restaurants that don’t want to get all that adventurous use Himalayan salt blocks for serving and the effect is just as awe inspiring. And, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot enthrall your friends and family by serving the food on Himalayan salt plates, bowls and blocks at the next soiree you host.

The cooking and serving slabs are available in a range of dimension, so you are bound to find one that will suit, the type of food you want to serve and the method of cooking you want to follow. In inches, the sizes start at 8x4x2 and can go right up to 16x8x2. These artisan salt blocks are meticulously hand crafted to make them an ideal surface for cooking. The nonporous nature of Himalayan salt and the fact that the crystals retain the temperature that they are exposed to, turn the block into a cold, almost refrigerated serving platter or even a flatiron stove that can be used to sear delicious morsels of sea food and meats.

Heating and cooling the blocks is quite easy and so is cooking on them. And, no you will not be running to the over every 30 minutes to heat up the plate again. In fact, once heated, you will need to leave the serving block alone for the night so that it can cool down before it can be cleaned; that is how well the salt maintains the temperature. The food served on the salt blocks develops a complex taste as the macronutrients absorb the minerals in the salt.

When cooked on the Himalayan blocks, the meats and vegetables take on a mild saltiness that is unparalleled and simply cannot be replicated by adding the regular dash of salt to your food. Meat cooked on salt blocks has a unique texture as the proteins do not get overcooked and retain a surprisingly juicy texture. An ideal; addition to the kitchen of any person who enjoys to experiment with his/her food, salt bricks offer one of the healthiest way of cooking.

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