Do Himalayan bath salts help with muscle pain?

If you are looking for an extremely soothing solution for your aching muscles, try a Himalayan salt bath. This concoction is known for helping to alleviate stress and promote the healing of damaged muscles. It is said that there are few therapeutic remedies that offer as much stress relief as having a bath with Himalayan salts. After a really hard day of distance running or having a grueling gym routine, enjoy a brine bath to unwind and ease your body.

The exceptionally rich mineral content of the Himalayan salt benefits all of your tissues including your sinews, muscles and skin. Fatigued muscles can enjoy increased circulation and this is helpful for aching joints. The minerals help relieve lactic acid build up and draw out free radicals that want to settle into your tissues.

Himalayan pink salt minerals are easily assimilated into the body. They directly affect the healthy musculature and promote faster healing. Your skin will feel exceptionally soft after enjoying a brine bath.

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