My Himalayan salt block broke, now what?

There can be several reasons for the breakage of your Himalayan Salt block. The slab, while tough enough to handle months after months of cooking, will not be able to sustain a fall. So, if you drop it, expect it to be in pieces. On the other hand, as you continue using the salt brick for cooking, there will come a time when the natural cracks developed due to exposure to the heat will compromise the structural integrity of the slab and lead to breakage.

Whatever the reason, don’t throw away the salt pieces. Remember, this is food grade Himalayan pink salt. So, if you have not dropped it on the floor and the slab has broken down after consistent use, pick up the pieces and store them in a jar. You can simply grind them and use them for seasoning as you would the normal Himalayan Salt crystals.

Another way is to use the salt pieces for a relaxing foot soak. Simply add a small piece to some warm water and place your feet in the solution for about 20-30 minutes. If the block was sparingly used, you could even add the pieces to your bath water. Finally, grind the pieces to get a granular consistency, place them on a cloth to make your very own Himalayan Salt heating and cooling pouch. It works wonderfully for headaches and neck pain.

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