Himalayan Salt blocks, how and why should you be using them?

Of course, you cannot use the salt slab like a regular stove. It is more like an iron skillet just one that is flatter, made of salt and it holds and distributes heat like no skillet can. So, direct contact cooking food works best for the salt slab. Generally, foods that cook quickly and are seared on high heat for a few minutes will be perfect for Himalayan Salt slab cooking.

So butter coated prawns or lobster meat or even white meat can be cooked to perfection on the Salt slab. In fact, we guarantee that once you cook on the Himalayan salt slab, your trusty old iron skillet will seem like a tinfoil. As far as the temperature gradient of exposure goes, no other material performs as superlatively as Himalayan pink salt.

The slabs can be heated to a searing 700 degree F and you can cool it right down to 0 degrees. It will melt above 800 degree F. The salt has no residual moisture and given their low porosity, only a limited area of the block actually touches the food, so the vegetables and meat cooked only pick up a light amount of saltiness. Then, there are the trace minerals which offer a fuller taste and more complex flavors to the food.

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