How can I be sure that you are selling me real Himalayan Salt?

We understand your concern, considering the fact that there are truly many fly by night operators who are peddling regular sea salt as Himalayan Salt. To ensure that our client’s can buy from us worry free, all our packages of Himalayan Salt are put through third party testing. You will see an authenticity certificate on every package of Himalayan Salt offered by Himalita.

Here is a photograph of the actual certificate, so you know what to expect.

Authentic Himalayan Salt Certificate of Authenticity front

Authentic Himalayan Salt Certificate of Authenticity back

Not only can you rely on us for authentic Himalayan Salt but also rest assured that you are getting the highest quality pink salt which has not been exposed to any form of chemical processing. In fact, we are one of the few companies that work with local labor to ensure that the salt is hand extracted from the mines. This means that there is absolutely no tampering with the nutritional value or the purity of our Himalayan Salt.

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