How Do I Use the Pink Salt Inhaler?

This is an electrical free and non-mechanical device that relies on natural moisture and pink Himalayan salt crystals to produce an ionization effect. Simply place the inhaler spout to your lips and take a deep breath. As you are inhaling, a vacuum seal is formed within the porcelain pot. This action in turn brings the outside air into the inhaler through the specifically designed vents located at the bottom of the apparatus.

This newly inhaled air passes through the chamber filled with Himalayan salt rocks and through a filter. Next, the ionized air flows into your mouth and down into your lungs. While the moisture rich air enters the pink salt chamber, micro particles of the mineral laden Himalayan salt are attracted. Certain aspects of these minerals offer potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Some minerals facilitate healing and others offer antioxidant properties to combat the negative effects of free radicals and pollutants.

Inhaling this ionized air passes these minerals deep into your lungs and through your tiniest bronchial blood vessels. These minerals are capable of killing the awful micro-organisms that are the underlying cause of persistent coughs and lung infection. The salt helps to dissipate the phlegm that sticks to the inside of the bronchial branches.

Mucus secretion is minimized as the inflammation is reduced. The air passages including the throat, nasal cavity and sinuses are bathed with sterilized air. Negatively charged ions have been shown to neutralize allergens and pollutants that are responsible for asthma attacks.

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