How exactly do salt lamps purify and cleanse the air?

The Himalayan Salt lamp in your home is made of nothing but 100% pure, pink rock crystals. In fact, as stated earlier, we hand extract a single large rock and carve it into the shape you see in front of you. Salt is a hygroscopic substance, meaning it has a great affinity for moisture and will absorb water right out of the air, where present. Hence, these salt lamps are very powerful dehumidifiers.

In the process of sucking the water vapor, you will see that the lamp begins to sweat, with a visible liquid sheen on its surface. The sweating is caused because the salt crystals dissolve in the water. This is a natural process. However, to prevent the lamp from dripping, it is imperative to use a light bulb of the right wattage.

Now, here is how salt lamps help to kill the germs and pathogens in the air. These microorganisms attach themselves to molecules of water in the air. Salt from the lamp attracts the water vapor and along with it the pathogens that the moisture carries. Since the minerals in Himalayan salt including the sodium chloride are all potent disinfectants and antibacterial agents, the microorganisms are killed as soon as the water gets in contact with the surface of the lamp.

As a second step, the absorption of moisture combined with the heat of bulb creates a chemical reaction that results in the release of negatively charged particles. These further enhance the germ killing properties of the salt lamp. In fact, the charged particles even attract pathogens such as mold spores. When the salt rock gets heated, so does the air surrounding it, which rises with convection and is replaced by the air below. This way the process continues till the lamp is kept on.

Negatively charged particles also bind with dust, dander and pollen, making them heavy enough to fall to the floor. Actually, there is a way to visually test this theory. In the morning when you let sunrays into the room by opening the curtains or the window, you will see dust particles floating in the air. All you have to do is light your Himalayan salt lamp next to the sunrays and you will see a marked reduction in the number of dust particles. Keep the lamp on for long enough and all the dust particles will be gone.

So, where do these particles go? They just fall to the ground. If you stand right next to the rays, they will settle on your clothes; tap your shirt and you will see the dirt particles falling to the ground. Given this profound impact of Himalayan salt lamps, it is obvious that it can be hugely beneficial for people who suffer from dust and other airborne allergen related issues.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why our clients who suffer from respiratory maladies, including asthma and COPD report an improvement in their condition within a few days of using the lamp. It is a well known that individuals who are afflicted with asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and COPD feel better when they spend time in the saline environment near oceans and in salt mines. With the Himalayan salt lamp, you are essentially creating the same saline effect inside your home.

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