How is Himalayan pink salt better than table salt?

There is simply no comparison in the nutritional values of the highly treated and processed regular table salt and all natural Himalayan Pink Salt. In fact, the difference in these two is as striking as that between chalk and cheese. While the pink salt is full of nutritional value, the refined salt in the dispenser on your table is nothing but sodium chloride with lots of chemicals added for good measure.

Not only do they use dangerous chemicals to remove pathogens from the sea salt in commercial production but also they use anti caking agents and bleaching products to give it the white flowy look and feel. Unfortunately, these chemicals stay back. So, the few pinches of salt that you sprinkled on your food, brings more than just a salty taste to the dish, it also puts dangerous chemicals in your system.

In striking contrast, Himalayan Pink Salt has lower sodium content than regular salt, which in itself is beneficial for people who suffer from hypertension. Additionally, you can expect loads of health advantages from all those minerals, including potassium which helps to regulate the level of fluids in the body and blood pressure.

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