How should I prepare a Himalayan salt bath?

You need to ensure that the salt concentration in the water is at least the same as that of your blood plasma or higher, in order to reap the optimal benefits from your Himalayan salt bath. This enables the minerals to expel the toxins out of the body via osmosis.

A 1% solution makes the right combination. This can be achieved by a ratio of 1% salt: 100% water. In order to achieve this salt concentration, mix 1.28 ounces of Himalayan bath salt per gallon of water. The quantity of salt in the water at this dilution is just enough to promote osmotic mineral exchange.

A regular bath tub holds approximately 27-32 gallons or 100 to 120 L. Therefore, you would require 1.2 kg or 2.6 lbs of Himalayan pink salt to get the bath water perfect. Be sure to have a thermometer on hand while drawing your tub. Salt crystals have the unique ability to hold in the cold or the heat they are subjected to for longer. This translates to the bath water remaining warmer than it normally does.

Temperatures higher than 37 Celsius or 97 Fahrenheit are too hot. The molecules of the pink salt move at a specific frequency in the water; therefore, getting the temperature and the salt quantity correct is vital.

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