How to get the salt plate to the right temperature?

When freezing the salt plate, simply put it in a plastic bag to prevent exposure to moisture and place it in the freezer. For cooking, you can heat the salt block to the desired temperature on a gas stove, in the oven or on an electric stove.

Oven heating: Increase the temperature gradually by starting at 250 degrees and maintaining it for about 12 minutes. Then, increase the heat to 400 degrees and heat the plate for another 15 minutes before removing and using as desired. Remember, for best performance, you will have to ensure that the salt plate is hot enough.

Gas grill or stove: Place the plate on the burner directly but like with the oven start with a low flame setting and gradually increase to medium, working your way up to the highest flame setting. Hold at every level for about 7-8 minutes. So, it should take you about 20 minutes to get the plate hot.

Electric stove: Since you cannot place the slab directly on the burner, use aflame tamer. Once again start at the lowest heat setting and gradually increase the heat till you reach the max setting. You should not need more than 15-20 minutes to get the right temperature for cooking.

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