I already own an electronic ionizer, why should I invest in a Himalayan salt lamp?

The very first consideration here is that unlike those electronic devices, Himalayan salt lamps are all natural. No, we do not mean to keep harping over this, but the fact is that this makes a huge difference to the performance of a salt lamp vis à vis an electronic product.

The purification process triggered by the use of a salt lamp is all natural. There is no release of harmful pathogens or pollutants. Whereas an electronic ionizer will remove airborne particulate matter and in doing so, it will spew ozone into the indoor air. There are several horror stories on the internet which detail how electronic devices proved detrimental for buyers who were susceptible to respiratory ailments.

As far as air purifiers go, they have mechanical filters which trap the dust particles. Eventually, these filters get clogged and have to be cleaned at regular intervals. If you miss a cleaning sessions, all those particles are thrown right back from where they came. Yes, into the air you breathe! In striking contrast, salt lamps are natural filters. The negative ions do not trap the particles but they make these microscopic substances so heavy that they fall to the floor, from where they can easily be removed with vacuuming.

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