I detest the salty taste of sole…what are my options?

If you simply cannot stand the taste of sole, it may be tricky to swallow a spoonful each morning when you wake up. For others, it may be the waiting a half an hour to enjoy their morning coffee. The important thing to consider as you conduct the salt therapy each morning is that you will soon get used to it. After approximately a week, your taste buds will adjust to the salty solution and it will not be as hard to take.

If you need to get used to the solution, try pouring 1 tsp of sole into a shot glass with 1oz of drinking water. Have a chaser glass of spring water on hand. Tip your head back and take the shot and then follow up with the regular glass of water.

Your salty taste buds are situated on the tip of your tongue therefore, if you take the sole farther back on your tongue, you will not find it tasting horrible. It is still a great idea to drink your glass of spring water afterwards.

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