Can Himalayan salt lamps be used to complement asthma issues?

Yes. Salt lamps often get recommended as a beautiful and relaxing source of light, which can easily beat the harsh, shiny light fixtures you have around your home. These salt lamps are acclaimed as beautiful sources of light that glow in the spectrum of light that is known to increase energy. Himalayan Salt lamps will emit light waves in soothing yellow and apricot and even invigorating oranges and reds. The best part is that sometimes, you may get all of these colors in a single piece.

Together these colors work on instilling a sense of solace and peace. So, it does not come as a surprise when many of our clients report feeling less stressed and an improvement in their ability to relax and concentrate when they start using these salt lamps in their home and workplace.

An ever increasing number of practitioners of complementary medicine are also using Himalayan salt lamps for color therapy, which is incorporated into the treatment plan as a diagnostic method to catch mental and physical ailments. Practitioners of reiki and other forms of holistic methodologies also use these rock salt lamps to balance the energy and the aura of a person at the physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

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