Is Himalayan Pink Salt any different from regular salt?

Yes, it is! The pink salt crystals extracted from the oldest salt mine in the world, which is at the foothills of the Himalayan Range is 100% organic and natural. The colorful pink and white crystals contain 84 of the 94 trace elements found in nature. Mined by hand, without the use of explosives, the salt is sold without the harsh chemical processing that sea salt is put through to turn it into refined table salt.

In fact, its natural goodness has turned it into a gourmet ingredient, with people across the world replacing their white, free flowing salt with the healthy and all natural Himalayan Pink Salt. Halite as it is scientifically known offers a host of health benefits which has definitely contributed to the immense popularity of the pink salt crystals.

Used in a myriad of forms and ways, Pink Salt is known to regulate blood pressure and even lower hypertension along with blood glucose levels. It also helps to eliminate the visible signs of cellulite and purge the excess water held in the cells.

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