Is the Himalayan salt inhaler cure me of my pulmonary ailments including asthma?

Speleotherapy and Halotherapy are both holistic and complimentary therapies used to work alongside traditional asthma treatment and other respiratory issues. Please note, the Himalayan salt inhaler is not at all meant to replace your regular treatment. It is not supposed to be hailed as a cure for these conditions.

There is however, a wealth of anecdotal evidence explaining the benefits of inhaling salt-laced air. This greatly helps to limit the symptoms of respiratory disease and lung issues. Many users have contacted us to share how amazing our Himalayan salt inhalers have been in transforming their health and wellness. Being able to find reprieve from the uncomfortable symptoms related to nasal and bronchial congestion and infection is priceless.

The therapeutic benefits of using pink salt inhalers to augment regular medication have been shared with us by numerous buyers. Himalayan salt inhalers are not allowed to be labelled as a cure for breathing problems; however, people report feeling better much faster.

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