What about sea salt, isn’t that just as good as Himalayan Salt?

The refined salt that makes its way to your dining table is sea salt albeit a highly processed version of it. There was a time when sea salt used to be nutritious but centuries of sewage disposal in oceanic waters have polluted most water bodies beyond the point where the contamination can be addressed. Yes, the last time you operated the dishwasher or the washing machine, even when you flushed the toilet, the waste was thrown into the sea.

And, this is the very water used for salt production. To kill the germs, they use harsh chemicals, heat and what not, to the point that the structure of the crystal goes through a change. The germs and contaminants do get eliminated but along with it, the disinfecting agents also strip off the nutritional value of the salt by removing all minerals from it.

In contrast, Himalayan Pink Salt has never been exposed to bio-hazardous substances or industrial chemical waste. So, there is no need to treat the pink salt with cleaning agents. What you get is the same taste and saltiness plus the numerous health advantages of all those minerals that are present in the colorful crystals of Himalayan Rock Salt. So, it would be safe to state that regular salt and even sea salt cannot hold a candle to Himalayan Pink Salt.

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