What about the quality gradient of Himalayan Salt?

Like any other natural product, Himalayan salt too suffers from quality variations. The best salt is found the deepest in the mine. But the extraction process is both cumbersome and expensive, which is why you should only be buying from a reputed vendor. The salt crystals are sorted based on their suitability for consumption.

The finest grade salt which is usually light pink mixed with white is offered as an edible product, in the form of coarse crystals, rocks and fine powder. In contrast, the darker crystals, which can range from a dark pink, orange to a deep red are well suited for non-edible purposes and are used to make the lamps, soap bars, bathing salts and more.

All Himalayan salt products that are intended to be consumed or used for cooking, including the spice jars, serving and cooking slabs are made from edible grade Himalayan salt. Apart from seasoning, pink salt is frequently used in homeopathic preparations. Once again, only food grade salt is used for medication and even in products such as neti pots which put the salt in direct contact with mucus membranes of the throat and nose.

Edible Himalayan salt is 100% pure, so it can also be used to make natural disinfecting eye and ear drops. However, if you need to soothe your tired feet or sores on your body, the fgoot detox pads or even a soak in bath salts will do just fine.

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