What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps?

Apart from the fact that they look stunning when placed in any area of the home, these lamps are also powerful and natural ionizers capable of not only ridding the air of pollutants and pathogens but also odor. Available in a eye catching range of colors and with their crystalline form, the lamps are often used in color therapy. The combination of salt, wood and light is also appreciated by practitioners of Feng Shui.

When carving these lamps from Himalayan salt rocks, we ensure that the overall structure and the dimension of the lamp bring out the natural beauty of the crystal. When switched on, Himalayan pink salt lamps offer all the benefits of an ionizer coupled with the functionality of regular light fixtures. However, even when not in use, they continue to offer health benefits as the salt attracts the moisture in the atmosphere and releases negative ions into the indoor environment, just that when heat is added to this equation, it greatly increases the production of negative ions.

In fact, so remarkably effective are these lamps that they have long been recommended by naturopaths and homeopaths in Europe as an ancillary treatment for respiratory and circulatory ailments as well as allergy. Plus the incandescent glow of the lamp creates a relaxing and harmonious environment in the living space. Another thing to consider is that the different facets of the lamp are not symmetrical. So, depending on the surface area of each side, you may have a greater number of negative ions and greater health benefits depending on the side of the lamp that faces the seating area.

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