what are the benefits of the Himalayan salt foot roller?

Having the option to warm up or cool down your footsie rollers catapults your foot massage into an entirely different category. The minerals found within the salt crystals are in their ionic form; regardless if you are using the massagers at room temperature, cooled down or heated up. Thus, they are capable of entering the body via the feet and helping to eliminate toxins within.

Any foot scratches, problems or injuries will respond well to the healing properties of the Himalayan pink salt. The benefits are physical and mentally noted when using the pink salt rollers. The massage feels amazing and is working on a deeper level simultaneously. The pink salt foot rollers can be helpful with the following:

  • Offer relief from depression and nervousness
  • Offer reprieve from tension and fatigue
  • Provide pain relief stemming from mental and physical strain
  • Helps to eliminate headaches and a variety of inflammatory issues
  • Excellent for skin health
  • Provides relief from muscular fatigue within the joints in the lower portion of the body and the legs
  • Stimulates the nerve endings and unblocks nerve impulses
  • Helps digestion
  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body and to the feet
  • Promotes a more restful and calmer sleep
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Combats gastric issues including constipation

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