What can I expect when using the salt block for cooking?

For starters, before you heat the block, make sure it is completely dry. Also, between cooking sessions, the slab should be allowed to rest for 24 hours. Initially, just like with cast iron pots and pans that have to be seasoned, you will need to prepare the salt block with a bit of pampering. So, as a thumb rule, go slow on the heating, controlling the temperature and increasing the heat gradually.

You will see cracks and fissures developing on both surfaces. But, there is no need to be alarmed; this is just the normal process that the salt crystals go through as they are subjected to heat for the first time. Over subsequent uses, the block will stop cracking. Also, at first, the salt may lose its color and go from pink/orange to a distinct opaque white. This again is the normal reaction of halite to the heat. Over time, some blocks will regain a hint of the color they once had as you cook on them and clean them.

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