What exactly are Himalayan salt foot detox blocks?

The detoxification blocks are constituted from 100% natural and pure Himalayan pink salt. These blocks work by being warmed up and then placed under your bare feet. The Himalayan pink salt has been valued for centuries for its restorative and curative properties. A powerhouse offering 84 of the 92 trace elements found in nature; these intense detoxifying agents are mineral-rich crystals.

The minerals transform into their ionic state when subjected to heat. The negatively charged particles are easily absorbed into the skin and enter the body. After they arrive into the cells, toxins are driven out while free radicals are neutralized. This results in a decrease in fatigue, pain and a host of other medical concerns.

Many users are surprised at how fast they feel better when using the foot detox salt blocks. They successfully alleviate the discomfort associated with sore feet and joints and promote a sense of mental and physical well-being.

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