What if the food I have cooked on my block comes out too salty?

It will not; provided you heat the block to the right temperature. Remember, salt bricks are a perfect match for foods that need a quick pump of intense heat energy. If the surface is not hot enough, the exposure will be longer than necessary. If you are doing things right, you will find a salty glaze on the side of the food that is exposed to the salt surface and the food will be seasoned to perfection. Yes, it may take a few attempts to get your salt slab cooking skills right. But, once you do, there will be no keeping you away from your salt block.

When using the block for cold serving, say for instance, you intend you intend to throw on some pieces of green apple, water melon with some mozzarella on top, ensure that all the cfruit slices and the cheese is spread out on the surface in such a way that all of them or at least a part of all slices is in contact with the salty surface.

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