What is so special about Himalayan Pink Salt?

Unlike the table salt that has little more to offer than its salty tasty, pink salt is nutritious enough to be considered food in its own rite. Formed, through the evaporation of the water from a primordial ocean, the salt lay undisturbed for almost 250 million years, accumulating the energy of water and sun through this period. It is unadulterated and has all the minerals and elements that make up the human body.

In fact, of the 94 elements in the periodic table, save for the inert gases, all others can be found in Himalayan Pink Salt. In their natural unpolluted and unaltered state, these trace minerals are known to enhance the efficacy of several forms of remedial measures uses to treat both chronic and acute ailments. The pretty pink crystals work exceptionally well when used in conjunction with regular forms of treatment. The crystalline ink salt is a powerhouse of several essential minerals such as: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Iodine, Fluoride,  Sodium and Phosphorous.

Besides the fact that these elements have not been polluted by industrialization, the biggest advantage is that these minerals are present in Himalayan Salt in their colloidal form. So, they are easily absorbed by the cells in the body, when used topically, in the external environment and also when consumed.

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