What is the best areas to place the Himalayan salt lamp?

Why limit yourself to just one area of the home, when salt lamps can provide extensive health benefits wherever they are placed. However, it is imperative to understand that a lamp placed in the living room will not offer benefits in the bedroom. In other words, the more time you spend in the area of the home that has the lamp, the more pronounced with be the health benefits. If you still cannot decide, here are some tips that will help:

Bedroom: What better area of the home to infuse with healthy negative ions than your bedroom, your inner sanctum, where you possibly spend the most amount of your time. A salt lamp placed on the bedside table or in any part of the bedroom will significantly improve the quality of the air inside by reducing airborne pollutants and microorganisms. And, no you don’t have to keep the lamp switched on all night although it does serve as a nifty night light, bathing the bedroom in a soft, tranquil glow.

As long as you keep it switched on through the day and keep the bedroom door closed when not in use, the air inside will have enough negatively charged particles to get you through the night. People who have placed Himalayan salt lamps in their bedroom often report that they tend to breathe easier and snore less.

The minerals that are released from the crystal salt also have a calming effect on the brain and promote restful sleep. Bedroom placement of the Himalayan salt lamp also works exceptionally well for people who suffer from allergies.

Kiddies bedroom: This is another perfect location for the placement of a Himalayan salt lamp. The dim light will make the kids feel safe and the negative ions will help them to sleep soundly. Plus, if your child is prone to allergy linked colds and respiratory problems, the lamp can help to clear the sinus cavity and alleviate the symptoms of a cold as well as asthma.

The living space: In the lounge room, Himalayan salt lamps look perfect when placed on the mantle or even on a table next to the couch. If you have an exceptionally large lounge area, you can use more than one lamp to get the maximum benefits from the release of negative ions.

Because Himalayan salt lamps are exceptionally potent when it comes to annulling the harmful effects of the positive ions and electromagnetically charged particles released by electronic devices, you can also place salt lamps close to the computer, television and other electrical devices.

Himalayan salt is remarkably effective in clearing the inside environment of electromagnetic fields, which are known to cause behavioral disturbances.

The work space: The host of electronic devices, closed windows and the constantly running temperature control system all contribute towards degrading the indoor environment of an office. To compound the problem, many people work and eat in this closed space, which means that it also becomes a harboring ground for airborne disease causing microbes.

Of course you want your staff to be focused on the task at hand, when at work. But, indoor air quality and the environment of the workspace increase stress and sap away the energy from your body. Salt lamps can remedy many of these problems in a natural and safe way. The soft light and the natural form and beauty of these lamps help to negate the harmful effects of artificial lighting and the circulation of stale air.

A salt lamp on every desk will undoubtedly help to enhance productivity and creativity as the negative ions bring about an improvement in mood and augment concentration. They also reduce monitor radiation, which is known to cause headaches and lethargy. Himalayan salt lamps are easy to maintain and need very little cleaning. In fact, regular light fixtures call for more maintenance than these healthy salt lamps. So, you won’t have to worry about burdening the janitorial staff.

Smelly areas: Whether it is cigarette smoke or any other stench, don’t use aerosol sprays. At best, they only mask the problem. It certainly isn’t a real solution that works for more than a few minutes. If you are really keen on clear, clean and odor free air, try the Himalayan salt lamp. The minerals in Halite are surprisingly effective even against the burnt and musty stench of cigarette smoke. In fact, they even help to neutralize many of the harmful toxins that result from the burning of plant matter.

But, there is more, salt lamps can remove any and all lingering and offensive odors. So, if you have recently had an issue in the house like flooding or mold formation, mildew or the like, you can depend on your trusty Himalayan salt lamp to handle all of it and then some more.

Your own corner of peace and tranquility: Add a couch, a few comfortable cushions and a Himalayan lamp to the attic and you will have your very own tranquil corner in your home, where you could relax and unwind after a stressful day. The soothing glow of the lamp, its crystalline, snowy appearance and of course the colors, all contribute to a relaxing experience. Is it any wonder then that Himalayan salt lamps are known to alleviate insomnia, neurosis and anxiety?

In fact, if you have just been through a stressful period in your life or are recovering from an illness, convalescing with a Himalayan salt lamp by your side will speed up your recovery and will offer mental comfort and peace, which can go a long way in healing the body.

For natural practitioners: Whether it is placed in the consulting room or the waiting area, a rock salt lamp will create a calming environment and purify the air. Additionally, it will also help in the healing process.

Feng Shui: A strategically placed Himalayan salt lamp will cleanse the energy of the room ad even enhance positivity.

For meditation: Meditation is scientifically proven to have numerous health and mental benefits. However, getting into a meditative state is hardly easy. So, when you are angst-ridden and just can’t get yourself to leave the worries of the day behind you as you meditate, use a Himalayan salt lamp.

Coupled with the peace and quiet, which are an inherent part of the meditative environment, the ambient light of the lamp as well as the surge in negative ions in the breathing air compel your body and mind to relax, thus enhancing your meditative experience. So, whether you meditate at the start of your day or at the end, always have a salt lamp switched on in the space and you will realize the difference.

Spas and massage rooms: Massages as relaxation treatments are intended to promote a sense of well being and free your clients of stress. What better way to rejuvenate the mind and the body than to combine the wholesome benefits of a massage or even a facial with those of a Rock salt lamp. Place these in the lobby or even the treatment rooms to get cleaner and fresher breathing air and a refreshingly stress free and relaxed environment that will start working on the clients even before they make it to the massage table.

Himalayan pink salt lamps also make fabulous additions to restaurants, hotels, hospitality ventures, beauty salons, dentist and physician waiting rooms and other commercial spaces.

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