What is the best way to use the Himalayan salt cleansing and detox bar?

If you have normal skin, wet a portion of your bar and then rub the wet salt surface on the area you wish to treat. Be sure to rub gently. The salt will slightly sting if you have any open wounds or sores. This is the salt’s natural way to disinfect the site by seeking and destroying any microorganisms that may be present. The burning sensation will not harm your skin; it’s actually a positive situation. Once the bacteria have been removed from your skin, expect to experience much faster healing.

Another option that is useful if you have severe acne or a recent wound is to simply rub the wet bar in your hands and then pat the resulting mixture of water and salt onto your face. Allow the liquid to dry and then rinse. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer if you prefer.

It is common to find the bar a little rough for the initial use; however, the surface will eventually smooth out. If you do come across the odd abrasive bit, consider filing it off with a regular nail file or dissolving under some warm water.

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