What is the best way to use the Himalayan salt inhaler?

It is fairly simple to use the Himalayan salt inhaler. Simply place the mouth piece of the inhaler against your lips and breathe deeply, similar to how you would use a straw. It is important not to blow back into the pot when you are done. Inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose is the best habit to form. Begin with some normal breaths and then alternate these with deeper breaths in order to inhale the salt laced air.

Aim for daily inhalation sessions of 20 minutes if you suffer from allergies that make breathing difficult or have any chronic pulmonary discomfort problems. Some people prefer to use their inhaler for a full 20 minute session; while others prefer to break it up into 3 sessions of 7 minutes of breathing. Try using your Himalayan salt inhaler upon waking for 10 minutes to start out your day and then complete your second round prior to going to bed.

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