What is the difference between edible pink salt and Himalayan pink salt for the bath?

Himalayan bath salts are a deeper color; ranging from dark red, orange and even white. The colors directly reflect the high mineral content and this is why the bath crystals are exceptionally potent. Due to their higher mineral levels, these salts are not fit for human consumption.

Typically, the bath crystals are derived from some of the shallower areas of the mine. The edible salt however, is mined from rocks that are found within the deepest layers of the Khewra mines. The edible pink salt that is on your table is derived from the same composition as the waters from the primordial ocean that eventually evaporated and made the Himalayan salt.

The edible salt furthermore is meticulously tested to determine that all of the 84 trace minerals are available in consumable amounts. The product goes through stringent testing to ensure it meets the FDA’s standards for food safety.

Therefore, the safety and purity of edible Himalayan salt is not capable of being disputed. Himalayan bath salts are additionally extracted from the same mine; however, they are not tested for edibility. The darker salt crystals reflect the extreme mineral content. The higher mineral content makes the bath salts more efficacious in comparison to food grade salt in terms of offering muscular pain relief and maintaining skin health.

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