What should be the size of the salt lamp for best effect?

The radius of coverage will depend on the size of the salt rock used in the lamp. For example:

  • A small lamp will be ideal for a radius of 8-10 feet
  • A medium sized lamp will easily cover 12-15 feet of radius
  • A large lamp can offer coverage over a radius of 15-20 feet

As a thumb rule, a medium sized lamp works well for bedrooms and hotel rooms. A small lamp will do for the pet room and a medium sized lamp will be ideal for any area of the home that is prone to odors. If you are buying a Himalayan salt lamp for an exceptionally large living area, bigger than 15X20 feet, you may want to go for two medium lamps or one large and one small sized lamp. For optimal results, a few lamps placed strategically to surround the sittings space will be perfect.

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