Where should I keep the salt block when not in use?

As long as the salt block is kept in a dry area, you should have no problem. Just remember that the block is all salt and salt has an affinity for moisture. It will quickly pick up the moisture from the air and degrade. So, if you leave the salt block out in the open for long periods, you will begin to notice the first signs of damage in the form of a liquid on the surface.

As the moisture level in the air goes down, the liquid coating the surface of the slab will evaporate and in its place, you will see a layer of white crystals but this does not mean that the damage has been undone. This is a physical change that cannot be reversed. So, do not leave the salt block on the counter on the window sill or even the BBQ. Use a large zip lock pouch or any other plastic bag. Place the salt block in it and seal securely to prevent exposure to moisture. A trick is to place some uncooked rice inside the bag; the grains will absorb the moisture.

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