Why is Himalayan salt roller superior to a regular foot roller?

Wooden or plastic foot rollers are commonplace at many health and wellness stores or pharmacies. Many people prefer to avoid plastic items, making the wooden rollers a better option. However, if you want the best self-supplied foot massage, you have to use the Himalayan salt reflexology massage roller. There is nothing like using a foot massager that you can heat up or cool down to add to the experience.

To heat up your roller, simply place it for 30 seconds into the microwave. This will add a soothing and relaxing quality that is great for relieving stress. If your feet are hot and swollen from being walked on all day, try placing the massage rollers into the fridge for a minimum of a half hour up to an hour. This icy foot massager will alleviate fatigue and make you feel amazing all over!

Not to forget the amazing detoxification and rejuvenating properties that naturally comes with pure Himalayan pink salt. These foot massage rollers are perfect for taking with you and make excellent gifts!

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