Would Himalayan pink salts help with my varicose veins even though my doctor has recommended avoiding warm baths?

Toxins that can cause veins to bulge can be drawn out with the use of Himalayan salts. As your skin thins with age, certain blood vessels become more visible. Since the minerals in the Himalayan bath salt work to rejuvenate and nourish the skin, using the pink salt to soak in the bath tub can help dramatically.

If however, you have been advised by your doctor to avoid warm baths, you may prefer to add the pink salt to a tub full of water at room temperature. This method will ensure you receive the therapeutic benefits of these bath salts without causing additional grief to your varicose veins.

Vascular expansion can occur with a warm bath that has no salt or some salt mixed in. Using Himalayan salt in water at room temperature will still be effective. The salt holds the original temperature of the bath water for a longer period of time. When you add the salt to room temperature water, the miniscule warming of the water due to heat generated by your body is delayed.

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