Would Himalayan salt soap be okay with my hypersensitive skin?

But of course! This product was specifically formulated for all skin types. We want as many people as possible to gain the benefits from it.

100% Natural and Organic

Individuals who prefer organic products can enjoy this item with peace of mind. Every ingredient used in the Himalayan Salt Soap is organically produced and completely natural. Even the manufacturing process utilizes minimal machinery; providing a reduced chance for any contamination. Not to mention our intense quality control measures in place. We guarantee delivering top quality products and a name you can trust.

Avoid Chemical Additives and Their Potentially Harmful Side Effects

Chemicals such as artificial colors and agents often used to “stabilize” products are not healthy for your body. They remove the dirt from your skin and simultaneously strip the cells of nutrients and essential moisture. This process can leave your skin facing the effects of free-radical damage over time and susceptible to infections.

In order to make sure that these products are safe, we only use 100% natural ingredients to formulate our Himalita Himalayan Salt Soap. You will enjoy your glowing and radiant skin thanks to the replenishing effects of Shea butter and oils that work well with the healing properties of authentic pink Himalayan salt.

Attention Vegans

Our Himalayan Salt Bathing Bar utilizes organic coconut oil and organic palm oil instead of traditional animal fats. If you prefer cruelty-free products, this soap is ideal. The vegan preparation is assimilated better by your skin and provides better overall skin health in comparison to traditional soap recipes.

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