The benefits of using a Himalayan salt candle holder

Why use a salt candle holder?

Many of us have witnessed firsthand the comforting and aesthetically-pleasing glow of a Himalayan salt candle holder. With its unique shape and distinctive pink-to-amber color, a Himalayan salt candle holder is certainly a charming addition that perfectly suits any home decor scheme. It’s compact, simple, beautiful, and possesses every qualification for the ideal balance of nature and functionality. However, a Himalayan salt candle holder provides far more than an attractive complement for your desired choice of home furnishings. In fact, a Himalayan salt candle holder boasts numerous health benefits that can boost health and healing for your entire family, making it a smart and valuable purchasing option for virtually every room of your home.

Himalayan salt candle holder
Himalayan salt candle holder

A Concise History of Himalayan Salt:

Before we can understand how these unique candle holders operate, it’s important to consider the nature of Himalayan salt and why this particular salt is so highly valued. This pink salt is now more readily available, perhaps, than ever before since the internet has obviously encouraged the rapid trade of such items that were difficult to secure in times past. Although the air purification process seems pretty simple, we must consider what makes Himalayan salt so much more unique than other materials that might have been used to neutralize the air. Himalayan salt is recognized as the purest type of salt available since it is harvested at high altitudes — so high, in fact, that it is unable to be contaminated by environmental pollutants. A nutrient powerhouse, Himalayan salt includes a staggering 84 minerals and what are called “trace” elements. Indeed, there is a rich record to explore regarding Himalayan salt’s powerful benefits, starting with an exploration of its history dating back millions of years. Himalayan salt is extracted from prehistoric, lava-covered sea beds that are located, appropriately enough, within the Himalayan Mountains. Since the beds were covered by this lava, the salt itself was able to successfully escape environmental contaminants that could strip it of its purity. A bit of lore and history also come into play, especially when considering the rich history of this valuable salt variation. It is believed by many that the prehistoric history of the salt is what makes it so healthy, since men and women would likely to have been exposed its healing properties through time, thus encouraging a sort of adaptive behavior through the evolutionary process.

A Look at Science and its Impact on Himalayan salt therapy:

To fully understand how this useful conversation piece operates, it is imperative for us to take a brief look at the scientific component. Indeed, the effectiveness of these salt crystal candle holders is linked directly to science along with numerous other interesting facts regarding their benefits. The key to the product’s regenerative properties lies in its generous production of negative ions. Now, upon first impression, a negative ion would appear to be detrimental to health and to the atmosphere as a whole. However, the term, “negative,” in this case is actually quite the opposite! Negative ions help to neutralize the air, thus creating a healthier, cleaner, more energizing air quality. There exits an intriguing specific procedure for how the Himalayan salt candle holder effectively balances and purifies the air. The process is relatively simple: Heat from the candle holder promotes an increase in moisture which, in turn, eventually leads to evaporation of that moisture. As the moisture is released back into the atmosphere, negative ions are also expelled, which, of course, neutralize the positive ions in the air.

Himalayan Salt Products

The ion factor is significant to overall health and well-being, and the goal is to maintain a health ratio of positive to negative ions. 1000-1500/cm3 are considered the optimal numbers of ions that should be present in a particular environment and that the positive/negative ion ration should be approximately 1.02 to 0.98. The more technology used, coupled with the more confined a specific work area is, the greater the levels of what this sites appropriately labels “electrical smog.” Indeed, we often hear of the drawbacks of living in pollution-based areas due to industrial smog caused by pollution, but these days, smog can be created anywhere an extensive use of technology is present! Therefore, the key is to keep our living environments sufficiently balanced.

Ions and You: Where They Come from and How the Presence of Ions Can Affect Your Overall Health:

Negative ions are often produced by natural occurrences, such as lightning storms and ocean waves, thus prompting the familiar revitalizing feeling many individuals experience after these types of natural events. The air, therefore, has been jolted with such a dramatic increase in negative ions, which helps to counteract the overabundance of “positive” ions in the atmosphere. These positively-charged ions are what can sap energy levels among other negative health-related drawbacks. In fact, positively-charged ions can contribute to increased levels of stress, allergies, and even to sleep-related issues. Therefore, it certainly makes sense as to why televisions and other electrically-charged devices cause our sleep quality to be considerably altered, aside from the noise and sound emissions. Indeed, in today’s digitally-driven age, the massive amount of household electronics, appliances, central heat/air conditioners, and other electric and wireless-powered products promote a positive air quality. Of course, one might simply consider scaling back the use of such devices, but for even stronger air-purification benefits, the Himalayan salt candle holder will prove a significant player in expediting this process. These candle holders also provide an increase in chi, an improved immune system, and better overall mental health.

More about the Benefits of Himalayan Salt:

Indeed, now we better understand Himalayan salt and how it has proven to be a real “game-changer” for many individuals experiencing a wide range of health-related issue since we have addressed the basic benefits, such as improved sleep quality and better overall mental health. However, the salt also encourages a deeper, more restorative healing due to the overall improved environmental status. The use of electrical devices and other such modern technological products encourages the increased output of positive ions, as we have mentioned previously. The result of this technology use results in higher frequency, approximately 100-160 Hz, which the body has difficulty in assimilating since our bodies only create 8Hz. This frequency difference is, therefore, relatively significant and can encourage health-related issues, such as nervous tension, insomnia, and more. The body is under increased amounts of stress produced by such exposure to these high-frequency levels, and the increased stress levels are what can contribute to health-related problems. Additionally, as stress levels increase in the body, so does the presence of dangerous free radicals, which contribute to even deeper health problems such as cancer.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt
Benefits of Himalayan Salt

The Beginnings of the Practice of Salt Therapy:

Of course, this rich history is definitely something to marvel at, but how did humans first discover the practice of salt therapy that has prompted the development of groundbreaking household standbys such as candle holders, lamps, and the use of Himalayan salt as a whole? Through the ages, individuals have used salt as a remedy for health-related problems such as congestion. Salt water, salt mines, and mineral waters were employed as effective solutions for such health woes, but the location of each could prove a significant issue. After all, consider that people had to literally venture out to the far corners of the world in order to secure these remedies! Therefore, special types of clinics were created around the world in order to provide patients will readily-available salt remedies. This type of therapy is called “speleotherapy.” Indeed, the burgeoning interest in speleotherapy dates back to the time of Cleopatra of Egypt. Sufferers would take a plunge in the Dead Sea, and, essentially, travel the distance to obtain treatment for their ailments, but the specific reasons for the benefits were not officially realized until research conducted by a Polish researcher in 1843 began to illustrate the scientific reasoning behind these treatment options. To begin his research, this scholar began examining the patterns of salt miners, and he began to realize that these miners were simply not suffering from lung-related issues like much of the other population. He therefore concluded that the saline dust was the secret to increased lung health.

Today’s Clinical Treatment Options:

Thanks to such clever simulation techniques, sufferers no longer have to travel long distances to receive effective, targeted, and natural salt treatments that are more relaxing and certainly more hygienic than sitting in a salt mine for hours on end. Indeed, these days, a myriad of interesting options exist for sufferers seeking relief for a wide range of issues. For starters, if one is searching for a more regimented, clinical treatment approach, Halochambers, a recent phenomenon, is one such treatment option. The dried aerosol of sodium chloride is used for both skin and respiratory infections. Essentially, in order to administer this treatment, an environment is created that will mimic that of an actual salt mine. This type of environment is typically a room that is designed and designated specifically for this purpose. Such a room is called a “halochamber” and is a pure, low-moisture environment that promotes healing and relaxation. In order to create these rooms, an application of salt is added to both the walls and floor. In addition to this thorough, liberal use of the salt, a halogenerator is also used to distribute high-quality salt grains into the environment. This halogenerator is essentially a machine that prepares these salt particles for optimal use in the human body by crushing the salt into manageable particles that can be absorbed through the nose and skin.

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Treatment:

Indeed, one can select the option of obtaining treatment through these types of clinical settings, but chances are, most individuals simply do not possess the time and energy necessary to use such facilities consistently enough to product optimal results. Thankfully, products such as Himalayan salt candle holders exist that can help sufferers to effectively simulate a pure, free-radical eliminating environment in their own homes and work areas. Although a Himalayan salt lamp is a smart option for when one is going to remain in a larger, centralized location, a Himalayan salt candle holder is an even more convenient and economical option if one simply does not possess the space or appropriate electrical outlet to operate a lamp. These candles holders can be placed strategically throughout a room to help effectively disperse the positive ion-neutralizing properties. The inviting glow also helps to set a more romantic ambiance. Of course, as with any candle, it is crucial for users to place such items in plain view and to never leave a candle unattended while it is burning.

How to Select the Best Himalayan Salt Candle Holder to Best Suit Your Needs:

Although many sources out there offer valuable tips for selecting the most appropriate Himalayan salt lamp, the same suggestions can easily apply to Himalayan salt candle holders as well. For starters, the largest salt circumference possible for your specific environment should be selected since, obviously, a larger circumference promotes more negative ion output. Users should search for a deep-colored salt block since the more vivid the coloring, the higher the mineral content will be. One should also carefully inspect the candle holder before use to ensure that no cracks or other malfunctions are present, which can cause water leakage.

Our Himalayan Salt Candle Holders Offer Unsurpassed Quality and Elegance:

Our Himalayan salt candle holders are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, so when you purchase from us, you can be assured that your candle holder will provide optimal health benefits while proving an attractive addition to your home or workspace. These candle holders are also the perfect accompaniment to a romantic evening. Placed on a table or near a sparkling water fountain, the inviting, soft pink glow will help to set the stage for an intimate dinner or quiet, cozy movie at home.

Armed with the ion-neutralizing power of a Himalayan salt candle holder and other Himalayan salt product options, you can take a valuable step toward creating a healthier and safer environment for both you and your family.

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