About Our Company

Now, the No 1 Manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Products!

We are honored and excited to share this wonderful news with our loyal clients, patrons and site visitors and all those of you who are interested in learning about the unrivaled healing benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt. Himalita – The Authentic Himalayan Salt is now one of the top producers, importers and retailers of Himalayan Salt blocks and products in the country.

Our facilities span the length and breadth of North America, with manufacturing units located in several urban areas of Toronto, New York, Chicago, Texas, Los Angeles and Florida. Because we import the raw material, employ in-house labor to transform the salt blocks into finished goods under strict quality control measures and sell these offerings throughout Canada, the United States and the rest of the world, we can offer unmatched quality while adhering to stringent and humane manufacturing practices.

This is one of the primary reasons why our products including our stunning Himalayan Pink Salt lamps, hand crafted salt cooking slabs and our high quality, unadulterated and 100% organic edible pink salt are popular all across the world. In fact, many of our products make for coveted personal purchases and gift items.


Our mission statement

At Himalita, it is our passion and vision to bring the goodness of Himalayan pink salt to just about everybody. To this end, we endeavor to provide our clients with the most diverse range of products, superlative quality and the most reasonable rates. At the same time, we want to reduce our environmental footprint, so we diligently practice reusing and recycling throughout all our facilities.

We only work with fair trade companies even if it increases our production costs and we are meticulous about offering top notch client service. Moreover, Himalita is a socially active company that is committed to the cause of corporate social responsibility. As such, we donate a part of our profits to several charitable organizations including the Children’s Fund and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Our involvement with the community

We are happy and feel privileged to share a part of our revenues with communities that have helped us so much to grow as a commercial establishment that is devoted to social causes. Apart from the Breast Cancer Foundation and Children’s Fund, we are also in the process of implementing an aid and relief program for underprivileged children.

Pursuant to the scheme, for every 50 products that the company sells, we will offer shelter, food, medical treatment and education to 1 child in need. So, when you buy from us, you are not only purchasing the natural goodness of Himalayan pink salt but are also supporting a worthy cause. Do keep this in mind when considering one of our offerings or recommending our products to your friends and family.

Apart from this, our company is actively involved in the circulation of online books and informational products related to natural and healthy living. All proceeds from the sale of these books are transferred to the Breast Cancer Foundation. If you have a favorite charity that you would like us to work with, do give us a call so we may discuss how we can become involved with the charitable trust of your choosing.