What are the health benefits of drinking Himalayan salt sole

Transform your life and health with Himalayan Salt Sole. Himalayas – the tallest mountain range in the world, the abode of Gods and mythical beings, the land of eternal snow and ice. You will be surprised to know that once upon a time, about 70 million years ago (give or take a few million), it was all in the bottom of a sea! The Tethys Ocean to be exact. Even today, mountaineers struggling with oxygen deprivation at the unimaginable heights of the Himalayan peaks come across fossils of ancient sea animals.

In fact, these age-old bones are not the only evidence of the ancient sea beds. The Himalayas abound with sedimentary rocks, ancient deposits of algae and of course, salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt: One of the most precious substances known to man

Nomads of the remote corners of Nepal, Tibet and India trudge for hundreds of miles following their Yaks laden with salt. Himalayan salt or pink salt has for centuries been treated as one of the most precious commodities by the mountain communities. In fact, for many of them, salt not gold, is still the currency of choice. The greatest gift you can give anyone here is salt. Not the store brought packed salt that you use every day but Himalayan salt, procured with great difficulty from far off mountain ranges and carried across great distances and heights.

Why is Himalayan Salt Precious?

But it is just salt,’ you might say. “And isn’t another name for salt, common salt?” Well as salt goes, this is definitely not common. Actually, it is very different from the salt you usually use in your cooking in many ways. Let us see how Himalayan salt is different from the variety that you are used to.

Purity70 million years old
The common salt that we use is produced by evaporating sea water. And because there is abundant quantity of salt in the sea water and there is an inexhaustible amount of sea water available, salt is cheap, and rightly so. Since man learned to make salt from sea water, salt has been in plentiful supply.

However there is a caveat. In the last few centuries, we have also been messing with the sea and its water. We have been dumping waste, industrial toxins, petroleum and various other kinds of chemicals into the sea. The water of the oceans has become so poisonous that it is killing the fishes and the whales.

So what happens to all the toxins and the poisons when we evaporate the sea water? Yes, it goes into the salt.

However, as we have seen Himalayan pink salt was formed millions of years ago. Long before humans started meddling with nature, and is therefore absolutely free of toxins and poisons.

Himalayan Salt Products

The Air Up There
Even today the regions from which Himalayan Salt is mined are the most pristine in the world. The simple pastoral or nomadic folk who frequent these heights live with the minimum use of technology. This region is therefore one of the least polluted known to man.

This ensures that the Himalayan Salts are as pure and as unspoiled as you can imagine.

The Abode of the Gods
From Buddhists to Bons, Jains to Hindus, Animists to Taoists, every single religion that has come in contact with the Himalayas has revered it as a special place of spiritual significance. Ancient as well as modern travelers testify that there is something in these mountains that inspire us to be more spiritual, that uplifts our souls and hearts.

Many believe that the mountains abound with spiritual energy that resonates in every creature, and rock up here. As it is with everything else, so it is with salt. It is said that Himalayan Salt is replete with the extraordinary energy of this place.

Minerals and Trace Elements
Commercial salt is mostly sodium chloride. Himalayan salt is so much more. It has been found that Himalayan salt has more than 84 minerals and trace elements! And each of these minerals has special properties and benefits.

The Unique Ionic Signature
When salts and other soluble substances are dissolved in water, their ions are released. Himalayan Salt has been found to have a unique signature. Many an expert believes that this signature is extremely beneficial to the human body.

Rejuvenate, refresh, renew with Himalayan Salt Sole

But how does one use the unique properties of Himalayan salt to benefit one’s body?

Actually there are many ways in which pink salt can be used. The easiest and one of the most effective is the Himalayan Salt Sole.

So what is Himalayan Salt Sole?

Simply put, it is water completely saturated with Himalayan Salt. Let us see what that means.

When you take a glass of water and pour a spoonful of salt in it, and then stir it, the salt dissolves completely. When you add another spoonful and then another, the salt keeps on dissolving. However, there will come a time when you add more salt, it does not dissolve. Rather it collects at the bottom. This means that the water has absorbed as much as salt as it can. The rest is being rejected. At this point of time, the water is completely saturated with salt.

When you do this process with a Himalayan pink salt, what you get is Himalayan Salt Sole.

The best thing about Himalayan Salt Sole is that you can make a jar and keep it for a long time.

How to make Himalayan Salt Sole

Take a glass jar (ceramic will also do). Fill a quarter of it with Himalayan salt. Now add water as you stir it. If the whole water dissolves, add more salt. Once you have filled the jar, you have got your Himalayan Salt Sole ready.

Himalayan Salt Sole
Himalayan Salt Sole Therapy

There is however one thing you need to be extremely careful about – at no point of the process should you use metal. So no metal jars or glasses. No metal spoons. No metal, whatsoever. Why? Let’s find out.

Keep Away from Metal

If you have ever stayed near the sea, you would have noticed that salt water corrodes metal. So, cars parked near the sea, metal fittings on your windows and doors – everything gets oxidized.

This happens only because of the action of salt dissolved in water. Because once you dissolve salt in water, it becomes reactive (hence the great benefits of salt sole). You can keep dry salt on metal for years without any apparent effect.

So if you use a metal spoon, a metal jar, or even a metal lid on the jar, the metal gets oxidized. As a result the oxidized metal can then leach into the water and completely spoil your sole. In fact, instead of being beneficial, the polluted sole could become harmful for you.

How to Consume Himalayan Salt Sole

It is as simple as it gets. After waking up in the morning, take a spoonful of Himalayan Salt Sole and mix it with a glass of pure water and drink it. If the tap water in your home has a metallic taste, you can use bottled water.

You need to make sure that you consume Himalayan Salt Sole in an empty stomach, before you even have breakfast.

As the level in your jar of sole decreases, you can level it up simply by adding more water and Himalayan Pink Salt. Just remember to make sure that there is some salt left over at the bottom.

The goodness of 84 minerals: You will start experiencing the energizing power of Himalayan Salt Sole from the day you start taking it. Long term sole therapy or brine therapy has the following benefits.

Detoxification: With prolonged use, sole leeches out the toxins of the body and gets rid of it.

Supplies Essential Minerals: Many of the minerals supplied by pink salt are critical to the healthy functioning of the body.

Balancing pH: The pH of your body balances out. This can have many other health benefits.

Normalized Blood Sugar: It helps the body maintain blood sugar levels within the normal and healthy range.

Decreases Muscle Cramps: As Himalayan Salt Sole increases hydration as well as essential minerals, it can greatly reduce the incidence of muscle cramps.

Keeps Blood Pressure in Check: It is wrong to think that any kind of salt can have an adverse effect on blood pressure. As Himalayan Salt Sole provides the body with mineral rich, unrefined salt in an active and ionic solution, it helps normalize blood pressure.

Controls Allergies: Hay fevers and other allergies are kept at bay as the Himalayan Salt Sole acts as a very effective anti histamine.

Improves Hormone Balance: For people who face issues of hormonal balance, the Himalayan Salt Sole can have amazingly beneficial effects.

Helps Weight Loss: If you are on a weight loss program, this could be your best friend. Sole therapy greatly increases the effectiveness of weight reduction plans.

Improves Energy: You will start feeling a far more energetic version of yourself. Practically every one who has had brine therapy has reported this great benefit.

Supports Thyroid Function: The thyroid gland is crucial to the health of the body. Intake of Himalayan Salt Sole can support the thyroid gland and improve its function.

Helps Fight Addiction: Whether you are trying to quit smoking or give up caffeine, whether it is those sugary treats that you are trying to avoid or fried snacks that you want to bid goodbye to, sole therapy can go a long way in controlling your cravings.

Eliminates Sediments: Due to pollution and other factors, sediments collect in the body. This can lead to kidney stones, gall bladder stones, arthritis and rheumatism. Sole dissolves the sediments and gets rid of them thus decreasing greatly the chance of getting these disorders.

Skin Diseases: The Himalayan Salt Sole cleans your body from inside out. This greatly improves skin condition and cures many skin diseases.

Gets rid of Metal: From food to air, our body is exposed to many harmful heavy metals that collect in our bodies. Brine therapy can greatly help in breaking down and removal of heavy metal deposits.

Regularizes Heartbeats: It has been found that sole therapy can have a stabilizing effect on heartbeats.

Reduces Acidity from Brain Cells: The active ionic solution of sole can take out excess acidity at the cellular level. It is particularly effective in the case of brain cells.

Hydroelectric Energy: Himalayan Salt Sole with its active ionic solution rejuvenates the body with its hydroelectric effects.

Enhances Neuron Efficiency: Sole provides the nerve cells of the body with all the elements it needs to effectively communicate with each other. This enhances the whole nervous system of the body,

Improves Sleep Function: Sole is a natural hypnotic. This means that it can help you get a good night’s sleep without resorting to sleeping pills.

Increases Digestive Power: Sole therapy can help your intestines absorb food and thereby greatly improving your digestive power.

Clears up Mucus: Himalayan Brine Therapy clears the lungs of mucus and phlegm. Hence, it helps those suffering from cystic fibrosis and asthma.

Provides relief for the Sinuses: Himalayan Salt Sole can help clear up the sinuses and provide instant as well as long lasting relief.

Stops Excess Saliva: Many users have reported that Himalayan Salt Sole Therapy can help control the excess production of saliva.

Prevents Osteoporosis: Did you know that osteoporosis is basically the result of a shortage of salt and water in the body? Brine therapy can therefore go a long way in preventing the incidence of osteoporosis. It also firms up the bones of the body.

Cures Dry Cough: If you have persistent dry cough, sole could help. Just put a spoonful of sole on your tongue.

Prevents varicose and spider veins: Sole therapy can help in preventing varicose and spider veins in the body.

Maintains Water Level: This helps the body maintain the water distribution at the cellular level.

Improves Immunity: Studies show that use of Himalayan Salt Sole can greatly improve the immune function of the body.

Himalayan Sole: A teaspoon of great health: It is simple, it is inexpensive and it is loaded with benefit. The best thing about Himalayan Sole Therapy is that you can do it at home, and at a time designated by you. So, go ahead, start using Himalayan Salt Sole today, and watch your health transform

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The Exposé on Salt: Is Himalayan Pink Salt Better than Table Salt?

The cyber world is riddled with ostentatious claims about Himalayan pink salt, some going far enough to suggest that the pretty, pink crystals are as close to ambrosia as we will ever get and calling it the panacea that the human civilization has been searching for. Of course, for every proponent, the humble Himalayan pink salt has also garnered a naysayer.

Unfortunately, for buyers, the opposing schools of thought coupled with popular science’s insistence of low sodium diets pose quite a conundrum. So, here is a look at what these pink salt crystals are all about and an unbiased examination of the Himalayan pink salt benefits that everybody keeps harping over.

HImalayan Pink Salt
HImalayan Pink Salt

Is a salt by any other name and of any other color still just salt?

It goes by a myriad of names; rock salt, Himalayan crystal salt, pink salt, Himalayan sea salt and more. The scientific name for this distinctly pink crystalline substance is halite. It is a mineral rich form of sodium chloride and is mined from the second largest salt mine in the world, which is in Pakistan, about 300 km from the Himalayan Range.

Hailed as real salt and the most organic and natural form of NaCl, the salt crystals were formed in the saline water bodies around Tibet while the land mass was close to the equator around 105 million years ago. A shift in the tectonic plates led to the formation of the Himalayas and the upward movement of Tibet towards the mountain range.

Over time, volcanic layers covered the ancient salt beds, trapping the crystalline salt underneath and protecting it from pollution and hazardous effluents which were the hallmarks of industrialization. Apart from purity, what makes Himalayan pink salt one of the most nutritious naturally available substances in the world is its content of essential minerals.

Is this pink salt really all that pure?

Himalayan salt is hand mined without the use of commercial explosives. Also, the salt is not processed in any way; it is not subjected to heat, bleaching agents or preservatives. The pink salt is sold in its natural crystalline and powder forms. For the latter, they only use stone grinding which means that even this process does not add heavy metals or other pollutants to it. The crystals come in an array of colors; from off white to pink and even red. The darker shades can be attributed to the traces of iron in the salt.

You could be compromising your health by not using this organic Himalayan Pink Salt!


What nutrients does pink Himalayan salt contain?

Trace minerals in balanced and optimal amounts are critical to several vital functions in the body. There was a time when people could get all of these nutrients from their daily dietary intake. Unfortunately, the persistent use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers has leeched these elements from the soil. This essentially means that food simply is not as nutritious as it used to be. In fact, this was confirmed in a senate hearing where it was found that a whopping 90% of Americans suffer from mineral deficiencies and imbalance.

Himalayan pink salt has 84 minerals of the 92 trace minerals found in nature. Although available in small quantities, the regular intake of this salt can help to gradually build the levels of these nutrients in the body. The minerals found in pink salt which have a direct bearing on health are:

  1. Boron: An ultra trace mineral, this substance has been tied to the calcium content in the vertebrae. The right amount of boron decreases the urinary excretion of magnesium and calcium, which are crucial for healthy bones. So, the deficiency of this mineral has also been linked to osteoporosis.
  2. Calcium: Essential for the development and health of the skeletal system and teeth, this mineral is also vital for nerve transmission, muscle contraction and blood clotting.
  3. Chromium: Regulates blood sugar level and enhances glucose metabolism.
  4. Cobalt: Important for the formation of red blood cells.
  5. Copper: Helps in the formation of connective tissues and red blood cells. It also contributes to nervous functions and is a catalyst that releases and stores iron as needed, which is crucial for the production of hemoglobin.
  6. Iodine: Regulates the function of the thyroid glands and supports metabolic activity in the body.
  7. Iron: Vital for cognitive functions and for the formation of red blood cells.
  8. Magnesium: Helps in nervous and muscular functions and activates over 100 vital enzymes in the body.
  9. Molybdenum: Is a contributor to the normal growth and development of the body.
  10. Phosphorous: Works synergistically with calcium for bone and dental health and enhances the processing of other nutrients.
  11. Potassium: Regulates cardiac rhythm, helps in muscle contraction and maintains the fluid balance in the body.
  12. Selenium: This mineral is an essential component in the production of an antioxidant enzyme that is naturally secreted in the body and spurs normal growth and development of the tissue.
  13. Sulfur: Essential for muscle and hair protein.
  14. Zinc: This mineral helps in the secretion of over 200 enzymes which are employed for various vital physiological functions in the body, including metabolism, digestion, healing and reproduction.
  15. Sodium: Helps to maintain fluid balance and acid base balance in the body. It is also essential for nerve and muscle contractions.
  16. Hydrogen: It is needed for maintaining acid-base balance and is a component of digestive acids.
  17. Chloride: Also a component of gastric acid (hydrochloric acid), chloride helps to maintain water and acid base balance.
  18. Phosphate: Helps in energy and protein metabolism and in protecting the structure of cellular membranes.

Of course, you also get 66 other trace elements in various quantities when you use Himalayan pink salt. It is imperative to understand that these trace minerals exist in relationship with one another. This means that their synergistic effect on the body can be compromised if you are getting too much of one trace element and not enough of another. This imbalance is bound to lead to health concerns. In Himalayan pink salt, these minerals not only exist in their natural, unpolluted form but also in natural quantities.

Himalayan Salt Products

What about the heavy metals in the pink salt?

Naysayers are quick to point out that the crystalline pink salt also contains heavy metals including lead and mercury, which can have detrimental effects. However, what they fail to explain is that the quantity of these metals is so minute, usually less than 0.001 g, that it is too miniscule to cause any harm.

Another crucial factor to consider is that even if you have built heavy metal toxicity due to constant exposure to these elements (they are commonly found in very high quantities in sea food and many other natural products), Himalayan sea salt has the minerals that can combat these toxins and neutralize them. For instance, magnesium is the only known substance that can treat aluminum toxicity and the pink salt has ample of this nutrient.

Similarly, arsenic poisoning can be neutralized by selenium, iodine, calcium, sulfur and zinc. Nutrients such as calcium sulfur, zinc, iron are also known to be extremely effective against lead and mercury toxicity. Since Himalayan pink salt has all of these, it is easy to imagine the benefits of consuming pink salt over regular table salt and even sea salt.

Why not give up salt entirely?

Saline water is often used as an electrolyte in medical settings to offset the harmful effects of blood loss and other critical health issues. This is done because if the hemoglobin from the blood (this is the substance that gives blood its red color and us made of iron) is removed, the life giving fluid coursing through the veins in the body would closely resemble saline water.

So, removing salt entirely is nothing but a recipe for trouble. Although salt has been viciously and needlessly shot down by the medical community, which often considers it to be the root cause of all ailments, the fact remains that sodium and chloride are essential minerals. However as explained above, the over intake of any one mineral leads to imbalance and the onset of health concerns.

Keeping with this principle, it can be postulated that neither the over consumption nor the under consumption of salt will help the human body. Furthermore, most studies in which salt emerged as the villain were conducted using regular table salt. However, researchers failed to take into account the chemical substances which lace commercial salt granules and their harmful impact on the body.

Salt is essential for a plethora of biological processes in the body such as:

  • It is a vital component of blood plasma
  • It also forms a part of lymphatic, amniotic and extra cellular fluids
  • It is crucial for the regulation of blood pressure
  • It helps to carry nutrients to the cells
  • It draws out toxins from the cells
  • It increases the mass of glial cells in the brain; these are essential for creative thinking and planning

It offers the nutrients needed for the sodium-potassium ion exchange at the cellular level, which allows the brain to communicate with the muscles in the body.

So, if there is such a thing as too much salt; the exact opposite condition of too less salt can also prevail. Termed as hyponatremia, this is the deficiency of sodium in the body. As the levels of this vital mineral begin to plunge, the cells start swelling rapidly and this condition can be life threatening at its severest.

People who are bent on following a low sodium diet as part of their healthy living initiative may experience more subtle symptoms of the condition such as occasional headaches, nausea, change in appetite, loss of energy, fatigue, confusion, hallucinations, nervousness, restlessness, mood changes, urinary incontinence, muscle weakness and cramps. Medical studies support the statement that drastically cutting back on salt intake can have disastrous consequences.

  • For instance, a 2009 study confirmed that large bone fractures in seniors can be attributed to hyponatremia.
  • A 1995 study conducted to understand the impact of sodium on hypertensive patients revealed that low sodium levels are linked to an increased risk of heart attacks.
  • Through a Harvard study which involved the participation of 60,000 nurses, it was found that low levels of calcium and magnesium increased the chances of developing high blood pressure by 23%.

Why is Himalayan pink salt better than table salt?

The primary issues with commercially refined salt are the artificial processing and additives used to make it more aesthetically pleasing. All salt is derived from a salt water body. Usually, for commercial production, regular sea water is channeled to the land, where it is sun dried. So, table salt is also derived from the sea.

However, since this water is usually sourced from the shores the salt contains a lot of pollutants. After all, sewage does go into the ocean and that is from where the salt comes. To deal with this issue, the crystals are chemically cleaned and heated to a temperature of 1200 degrees F. Because the natural crystals are off white, the salt is also bleached.

At this point, the granules lose all their natural nutrients along with the pollutants. However, the chemicals used to achieve the bright white color and cleaning stay back. As a final measure, anti caking agents are added to the salt to prevent its deterioration from exposure to humidity. The result is that even when the salt is consumed, these chemicals prevent it from getting dissolved in the body, leading to a buildup of the salt and chemicals in the cells and organs, and that is what causes a host of health problems.

Unfortunately, the FDA allows commercial manufacturers to include 2% additives in salt and sometimes a part of this 2% is aluminum, which is linked to Alzheimer’s. A simple experiment with salt water fishes is enough to understand just how toxic table salt is. When added to water that contains regular salt, ideally, these marine creatures should thrive as it is their natural environment, but they die.

Himalayan pink salt vs. white, table salt vs. sea salt: A nutritional and safety perspective!

As mentioned above, the most striking benefit of using Himalayan pink salt is that it is free of pollutants, including heavy metals, which are found even in natural sea salt. In fact, even the Celtic sea which is considered one of the least polluted salt water bodies in the world and is hence the source of water used in the production of gourmet salt has higher levels of heavy metal than Himalayan pink salt.

Real salt is not chemically cleaned or processed, so it does not contain artificial additives but natural minerals, including iodine. Himalayan pink salt is 84% sodium chloride and 16% other minerals. In contrast, with your table salt, you are getting 98% sodium chloride and 2% chemicals. Of course, the fact that commercial salt is sold in the form of tiny granules also exacerbates the problem over consumption.

In contrast, the larger crystals of pink salt means that per half a spoon the amount of sodium chloride is lower than what it would be in the same quantity of table salt. The molecular structure of commercial salt also differs vastly from Himalayan pink salt, since the former is subjected to high temperatures. This change also mars its ability to be absorbed and processed in the body.

Low sodium salts are known to contain mono-sodium glutamate for taste enhancement and the harmful effects of this chemical are well documented. As far as sea salt is concerned, 97% of it is sodium chloride while it does have 3% trace minerals. However, as explained, pollution is a huge concern. A comparison of table salt vs. Himalayan pink salt vs. natural sea salt shows that pink salt contains the highest concentration of calcium at 0.16% and potassium at 0.28%. It also contains 0.1% magnesium.

Himalayan pink salt benefits

This natural nutrient can help in numerous ways such as:

  • Less sodium consumption
  • Better electrolyte balance
  • Improves hydration of cells and organ tissue
  • Balances intra and extra cellular water content
  • Regulates pH balance in the body
  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Enhances metabolic activity
  • Strengthens bones
  • Prevents goiter
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Removes toxins
  • Helps in the intestinal absorption of nutrients
  • The trace minerals pull out accumulated toxins from the cells
  • Minerals in ionized form get absorbed easily in the body
  • Supports cardiac health
  • Helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity
  • To some degree, acts as a natural anti histamine
  • Balancing of trace minerals helps to regulate hormonal activity
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that pink salt is also effective against cellulite
  • Enhances nerve functions
  • Good for thyroid and adrenal health

But, what about the taste?

Used as gourmet salt by some of the most well known chefs in the world, including those who work for Michelin star restaurants, Himalayan pink salt is milder than regular table salt when it comes to salinity. However, the difference in the saltiness is not remarkable enough to spoil the taste of a dish.

Also, because the crystals are larger, instead of giving an overall salty taste, they offer a gradual burst of saltiness on the palette which can be different and unique. Of course, the pink and red crystals also look aesthetically appealing when added to finish a dish.

A touch of good health in regular foods with Himalayan pink salt!

This salt goes extremely well with fruit and veggie salads. Of course, it can also be used in cooking and curing like regular table salt. When used in brining, it gives a succulent and juicy texture to poultry and pork.

Do you have any questions regarding Himalayan salt, its uses and amazing benefits?
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The Benefits Of Using A Neti Pot

Neti Pot
Neti Pot

More and more people are coming to realize that a neti pot is an amazing device that can clear the nose and solve their sinus problems. Millions of Americans are well aware of how miserable clogged nasal passages and facial pain feels like. In order to find relief from this constant problem, most nasal sufferers turn to Halotherapy (Saline solution inhalations), Speleotherapy (micro-climate treatment) and nasal saline irrigation, three modern types of therapies that use the power of salt to clear nasal passages.

The Neti Pot Method

The Neti Pot method is one of the most popular nasal irrigation therapies available today. This method involves using a ceramic pot which contains baking soda water, warm salt or Himalayan salt mixed with water. Neti Pots are extremely effective at treating colds, sinus congestions and allergic reactions.

A Short History of Neti Pots

The interest in Neti Pots spiked after Dr. Oz promoted them in one of his shows. However, the Neti pot has its roots back in ancient India, where it was used by almost every yoga practitioner in the country two thousand years ago. According to Warren Johnson, the author of the well-famed book called “The Neti Pot for Better Health”, the third eye or the sixth chakra resonates with clear vision and clear thinking. Warren states that Neti pots can balance the sixth chakra, leading to an increased extrasensory perception and clairvoyance.

While Neti Pots were mainly used for spiritual awakening in the past, today they are used by westerners to balance mood and help people get rid of colds, congestions, sniffles and allergy symptoms.

Does Neti Pots Really Work?


Throat, nose and ear surgeons recommend the Neti pot as one of the most effective nasal irrigation methods. Many people with various sinus problems, from environmental irritants to allergies, claimed that this ancient device alleviate facial pain, pressure and congestion. Best of all, their claims are backed up by modern researchers, who have discovered the true effectiveness of nasal irrigation to relieve sinus congestion.

The Neti pot is a very simple mechanism that works by thinning mucus and flushing it out of the nasal passages. However, a more in-depth explanation of the Neti pot proves that the saline solution inside the pot improve the coordination and increase the speed of the cilia, the hair follicles inside the sinus cavity which are responsible for removing irritants and allergens.

Benefits of Using a Neti Pot

For starters, Neti pots can be effectively used to treat all sinus congestion problems, allergies and colds. Here are some other amazing benefits of this salt inhaler.

  1. Very Easy to Use: these devices are extremely easy to use by anyone, being available online, in pharmacies and retail stores. A plastic or ceramic pot costs around $10 a piece, while more expensive aluminum pots can be purchased at around $50 online. In order to use the Neti pot you do not need to buy additional tools or utensils. Rinsing with this groundbreaking device can be performed anywhere, at any time during the day.
  2. Extremely Effective: shamans and yogins have been used Neti pots for thousands of years. Today, these devices are still used in eastern cultures to treat throat, ear, visual and chronic problems. Moreover, they are used in spiritual awakening purposes. In the western world, Neti pots are used to treat and prevent deviated septum, sensitive gag reflex, plugged nasal passageways and other respiratory issues. Regular rinsing has been proven extremely effective against colds and stuffed sinuses.
  3. The nasal wash should be performed several times a day, especially by those with a tendency to develop sinusitis. This procedure replaces antibiotics and helps you get rid of colds, sinus congestion and allergies naturally.
  4. Natural: Neti pot is a natural method, a healthy and effective alternative to over-the-counter chemicals that are storming the market at the moment. More and more people are turning to this natural solution to avoid irritation and side effects from standard medications.

Himalayan Salt Products

How to Easily Use Neti Pots

Even thought there aren’t any official guidelines on how to use this device, you should typically mix 12 ounces of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of salt. You may also add 1 teaspoon of baking soda in order to make the solution gentler to the nose. Make sure to use sterile, distilled or boiled water in order to make the most out of this solution.

Once you have filled the pot, tilt your head over it at an angle of 45 degrees. Next, take the spout and place it into your nostril and gently pour the solution in. The fluid will flow through your cavity gently and will cleanse it. In case it runs into your throat, make sure to spit it out before inhaling some more. To get rid of any remaining solution, simply blow your nose. The whole process should not take more than a few minutes.

Types of Salts you Can Use with the Neti Pot

To properly use a Neti pot, you need to carefully choose the salt to use. You can use one of the following:

  • Fine sea salt
  • Macrobiotic salt
  • Kosher salt
  • Himalayan salt

To property use this salt inhaler, it is recommended to stay away from using salts with additives, such as vegetable, rock and table salt. All of these types of salt contain aluminum, silicone and/or iodine, which have been found to irritate the passageways. These types of salt, stripped of minerals and bleached, are extremely ineffective. On the other hand, Himalayan salt is one of the best choices you can make when using Neti pots.

In addition to having a whooping 84 minerals, Himalayan salt offers a unique ionic energy that is released the moment it is mixed with sterile or distilled water. Some of the benefits of this potent salt include:

  • Helps you lose weight
  • Balances your hormonal levels
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Improves air quality

When mixed with water, Himalayan salt becomes the most effective saline solution in a Neti pot. A Himalayan Salt Inhaler is definitely a must-have appliance for people who want to reduce asthma, reduce seasonal allergies, improve skin condition, improve respiratory problems and remove chest congestion.

Do you have any questions regarding the Neti pot, its uses and amazing benefits?
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Himalayan Salt Lamps to Light and Restore Your Home

Himalayan salt lamps – A gift from mother nature. Home maker wants to create a welcoming, harmonious, and balanced environment, that will nurture and sustain those who will build their lives together under one roof. A home must be conducive of a sense of belonging, safety, harmony, and sacred space, for all who live in it.

But, Alas! – Just fairly recently, homemakers have recognized the invasion of a ‘new,’ silent killer, that threatens the comfort of their homely abodes and the well-being of their families. It is a plague caused by our overwhelmingly electronic age that has invaded our households….

Himalayan salt lamps
– Himalayan salt lamps are used in salt spas across the world

Around your home there are many gadgets whose electrical emissions are terribly harmful for anyone who lives under the same roof and breathes the contaminated air. Home entertainment systems, microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers, and the various technologies that are so much a part of our lifestyles, and our homes, are a mixed blessing. An invisible “smog”, created by all the electricity that powers our living and that of our loved ones, is a serious threat to their well-being.

The list of electrical stuff in houses that may affect us is endless, and the dangerous symptoms are so many that a complete list would be very long. But, more importantly, what are we to do about this electronic mess – In order to Protect ourselves and those living in our homes against the electro-poison produced by wireless radiation, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances?

In her non-intrusive way, Mother Nature comes bearing a gift – from the far distant snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges – to help us in our grapples against this unseen atrocity. And, in her creative way, Mother Nature has chosen to fashion this gift out of the substance of her most ancient and exotic of natural Crystals, so that it may be a natural marvel to adorn our homes with. To be sure, this beautiful gift is the gift of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

On a daily basis, salt-miners delve deep into the deep-rooted treasuries of the archaic Himalayan Mountains, to unearth one of the world’s rarest and most valuable crystalline minerals… a mineral that started to mature over many thousands of years ago when the prehistoric oceans that used to rest there, dried up and departed. There, under the majestic foothills of the Himalayas, Nature has kept a priceless store of crystalline Himalayan pink salt locked away for centuries- to be salvaged in time and dug out for it’s incredible health benefits. There is the wonderful source of Himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan Salt Products

Out of this stockpile, large chunks of these enriched gemstones are carefully selected, and sculpted by hand, and hollowed out to hold a light-source (a candle or light bulb). These handmade Himalayan salt lamps are not only a visual wonder in the household, with their warm therapeutic glow and raw vintage-looking shells, but they provide numerous health benefits as well. With the combination of the heat from the lustrous light source, and the unsullied properties of the mineral-rich rock salt, these Himalayan salt lamps have unparalleled natural air-purifying and therapeutic capabilities.

It is not just hearsay! Countless homeowners have been thrilled with the surprising naturally rejuvenating and health-giving effects that their Himalayan Salt Lamps have brought indoors into their homes. Countless studies into the field have also been made to authenticate these lamps as natural air ionizers.

Surprisingly they do work, but to better appreciate the health benefits of salt lamps, we need to touch on: how do salt lamps work? And we might need to touch on some of the science bits too:

How Negative Ions Affect Our Homes

Think of soaking up the purity of the air after a thunderstorm, or standing on a beach near the rolling waves – breathing in the free, clear air. You can almost taste the cleanliness of breathing that kind of air. The magic it works on your physical and emotional well-being is almost tangible.

(And there is a way that you can bring home this naturally sterile experience…)

We mostly think of airborne impurities in terms of particles and vacuum emissions and dirt – and that is all right – but the air around us is also charged with ions.

The crisp renewed air after a thunderstorm, or that is invoked by the pulsating seashore, or on the peak of a serene mountaintop, is brought about by negative ions that are stirred up by the forces of nature. It is the rush of these negative ions that balance out the air, offsetting the intensely positive-charged environment.

How Himalayan salt lamps can help you

By lighting a salt lamp made of Himalayan crystal salt, you can bring that naturally balancing interplay of positive ions and negative ions , which restores and clarifies the air in nature, into your home.

Many studies have been conducted, and brought to light how that negative ions discharged into the atmosphere can have phenomenal positive effects. Take for example this extensive study by Fayette-ville State University (http://faculty.uncfsu.edu/grahi/Positive%20Ion%20Poisoning.doc). In most of these studies, specialized negative ion generators were used in controlled group environments — not something you can readily recreate in your own home. This is enough to grasp the effect that negative ions have, and the importance of the role they play to cleanse the air that you breathe.

Equally as many worldwide studies support the fact that a salt crystal lamp releases ions into its surrounding environment. This broad research draws attention to the fact that more negative ions are detectable where a salt crystal lamp is at work. This kind of ion emission can only be accomplished naturally in mineral salt. Of all the naturally harvested minerals, only salt possesses the ability to transform in this way with water – because of its neutral atomic structure.

With the temperature of its light source, the heated crystal salt of the lamp attracts the moisture from the ambient air. The salt then mixes with the water molecules, and the Sodium and chloride are diluted. Sodium, (which are positively charged ions), and chloride, (which are negatively charged ions), neutralize, and are released back into the air.

In this way, Himalayan salt lamps produce a balancing, purifying aura around themselves, and act as nature’s natural air ionizers – capable of providing naturally rejuvenating benefits.

The right sized lamp in the right sized room, or a careful arrangement of a couple of salt lamps throughout, can remarkably reduce the contamination in your home environment… Since the air inside our homes have an imbalance of positive and negatively charged ions due to the invasion of air pollutants from the atmosphere and ‘electrical-smog’ created by electrical equipment.

What Your Soul Needs

To live in a Home is to live in a space where spiritual life is also possible, where everything in it should contribute to the inner well-being of those who live there. A home is a place where our loved ones experience and develop who they are, and what they want to be. It should be a place of creative incubation.

But we live submerged in electrical pollution of the air and atmospheres in our homes, which has it’s adverse effects, not only on our physical health, but also to the disadvantage of our inner well-being.

Electromagnetic oscillation

Every living thing on God’s green earth thrives in tune with the electromagnetic vibrational field (also called the Schuman resonance frequency). Because of the electronics in your home, artificial electromagnetic wavelengths spread through your home with many different, erratic frequency values.

Take for instance, your computer monitor or television. The electromagnetic field of these appliances ranges in between 100-160Hz. Your brain waves, on the other hand, can generate only 8Hz (in keeping with the frequency of the Schuman resonance). In other words, you are in way over your head, and your body is battered by frequency patterns that are to up to 20 times higher than normal.

Being continually bombarded by these positively charged ions, can upset your and your family’s well-being, and cause a number of discomforts including:

  • Increased Nervousness
  • Unnerving Bodily Stress
  • Sleep Disruption and Insomnia
  • A Lack of Concentration
  • Increased Build up of Free Radicals (which may lead to cancer), etc.

There is hardly any room for calm meditation, personal growth, and creativity to flow through this haze of electric smog. Himalayan Salt Lamps can help you reclaim your sacred space.

Because of the neutral atomic structure of crystal salt, a heated salt lamp helps you harmonize and balance these artificial frequencies, and neutralize “electro-smog”.

The Therapeutic Effect Of Colors On Your Body and Mind

Not only is a Himalayan salt lamp an exotic showpiece, but under that soothing pinkish to orange glow under the light source, it conceals soothing color-therapeutic potencies.

As we know, color is simply light of varying wavelengths and frequencies, as we see or feel it. And, to reap the healing benefits of color, you need the light waves in the frequencies of the rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometers). Even our bodies and cells are reinforced by light with rejuvenating energy as a result of these electromagnetic wavelengths.

The transparent crystalline layer-upon-layer structure of the Himalayan salt lamp, enhances the light waves that pass through it. The wavelengths of salt crystal colors fall within the upper nanometer zone (600-700 nanometers).

In fact, crystal salt lamps occupy an ideal range of wavelength, which fall into the same natural color wavelengths of the sunrise and the sunset. With its unique natural orange-rose-red color spectrum, a crystal salt lamp is excellent for natural color therapy. Following is a list of the color frequencies emitted by Himalayan Salt Lamps, and their effects:

  • Orange: Radiates a sense of security, stimulates the nervous system and the mind; also setting the kidneys and bladder in motion.
  • Yellow: Raises the intellect and intellectual capacity. This color-frequency stimulates the liver, pancreas, as well as the gall bladder.
  • Red: Revitalizes and reinforces the will to live, and invigorates the heart, as well as overall circulation.
  • Pink: Stimulates relationships, openness, partnership and mutual love, Stimulates affection and emotions.
  • White: Characterizes natural healing. It stimulates detoxifying agents and cleanses.
  • Brown: Balance. Inspires and motivates one to find balance and supports stability.

How to use Himalayan Salt Lamps

These Unique Salt Lamps tend to enrich the beauty of any living space with a sense of warmth, brightness and refreshedness. Available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, Himalayan salt lamps not only look heartwarming and welcoming, but they are a health-giving contribution to your interior décor.

If there is one hitch about salt lamps, it is that they have a very limited reach. Putting one salt lamp in your downstairs living-room will not make your entire house a resort for restoration.

Salt Lamps
Salt Lamps

 The right sized lamp in the right sized room, or a sentient arrangement of a couple of Himalayan salt lamps throughout, can remarkably reduce the contamination in your home environment…

By finding strategic places, in your office space or home, to place a few salt lamps, you can get the greatest benefit out of them. Even large homes or office-spaces are not unsolvable. By carefully choosing where to place a set of salt lamps, you can spread their healthful radiance throughout your environment.

The spaces in your home that are full of activity, and where you spend the most time, is where your salt lamps are the most appropriate… such as your children’s bedrooms, and living room, etc.

Bring Home The Health-Giving Benefits that have been sheltered under the slopes of the Himalayan Mountains, and experience the soothing and purifying effects of a Himalayan salt lamp. Only once you’ve owned one will you truly be able to appreciate its benefits.

These lamps do not only make gorgeous and authentic showpieces, but will definitely make for a conversation starter to anyone visiting your home for the first time. They are your own little piece of the mystical legacy of the Himalayas.

They produce a warm vibrant glow that enhances the mood of the overall atmosphere, and the overall well-being of any household.

  • Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your sacred meditation space, as an appeasing light on your road to transcendence.
  • Near televisions, computers and around smokers, they will curb the detrimental effects of electronic emissions and disturbing frequencies.
  • Use these beautiful salt lamps in office spaces to reduce fatigue, to minimize radiation and embellish the surroundings of your work area; To improve concentration and refresh your colleagues by neutralizing the effects of an unnaturally affected environment.
  • Salt Lamps do a whole lot of good for people with respiratory diseases, asthma, and naturally ionize their vicinity – reducing allergic reactions and asthma attacks at home.
  • Pathogens in the air also need moisture to survive. A salt lamp eliminates these pathogens by eliminating excessive moisture in a living space through its hydroscopic crystals; in this way, it purifies the air in it’s vicinity of harmful bacteria that may cause illness.
  • Place them in your bedroom: It also has a good calming effect and acts against and aids sleep.

Discover the purifying and soothing glimmer of Himalayan salt lamps, and bring home the aesthetic and priceless health benefits of salt lamps into your household.

Do you have any questions regarding Himalayan salt lamps, their uses and amazing benefits?
Please visit our FAQ page. There you will find all the answers to your questions.

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Himalayan salt inhaler – Effective Treatment or Humbug?

Salt Inhaler: Ideal for COPD, Asthma and Other Respiratory Ailments! Listed as one of the most effective alternative therapy products of 2010, salt inhalers have been featured on TV shows and are quite a rage online. The design of these products involves a ceramic pot with a chamber to hold the salt and an opening for inhalation. Inside the pot are Himalayan salt crystals and therein lies the secret to the efficacy of these inhalers.

Unlike regular, table salt, Himalayan salt is full of essential trace minerals. This natural salt does not contain the impurities, pollutants and bleaching agents which are present in significant amounts in the granular, pristine white salt on your table. The porcelain inhalation pot is not powered by batteries or electricity. Despite this, it manages to create the healthy breathing environment found in the natural salt caves of Europe

An effective treatment to ward off lung congestion and bronchial infections, salt inhalers have long been used in Eastern European and Asian alternative medicine as a natural way to deal with pulmonary problems. If you have been mulling over using salt inhalation therapy to control, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, hay fever, sinus issues and shortness of breath, here is what you need to know.

Do salt inhalers work?

Salt Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Inhaler

This is one of the very first questions that come to mind when you notice the simplistic approach used to combat chronic respiratory issues through the use of salt inhalers. After all, the only thing you are doing is a allowing yourself to breathe in air that has passed over the salt crystals, can this really help where potent chemical preparations have failed?

Although, major pharmaceutical concerns have ulterior motives to dismiss this salt inhalation therapy, this form of treatment is highly recommended and frequently used in Europe, India, China and other parts of Asia. Even if you were to discount this fact, a recent study conducted to understand if salt inhalers actually help asthmatic patients and people who suffer from respiratory illnesses proved that salt inhalation does ease some of the more overt symptoms of these ailments and even improves the quality of life of the patients.

In another recent study, which involved participants who were suffering from severe pulmonary distress, researchers concluded that over 73% of the patients showed positive pulmonary response to Himalayan salt inhalation.

For those of you who are still skeptical, a cursory glance at the reviews received by the Dr. Oz salt inhaler will show you that there are thousands of people out there, real sufferers who are enduring the trials and tribulations of living with a respiratory disorder, vouching by the efficacy of salt inhalers. What’s more is that salt inhalation was recommended even by Hippocrates who is hailed as the father of Modern Medicine

How do salt inhalers work?

You already know that the design of the inhaler involves the use of a cylindrical, porcelain pot with a mouth piece which is used to suck in the air. The device has a refillable chamber that holds the salt crystals and air inlets that allow you to inhale through the mouth piece. As you draw in the air, it gets inside the chamber through the air inlets and passes over the salt crystals, getting ionized in the process as it picks up micro particles of the salt.

These enter the respiratory tract and the bronchial vessels and chambers before you exhale through the nose. So, the salt also gets deposited on the sinuses and loosens the mucus buildup in the nasal cavity. The treatment is 100% natural and drug free, hence it can be used in conjunction with any form of drug therapy that you are currently undergoing.

Himalayan Salt Products

Moreover, the salt used in the chamber of the inhaler is 100% pure Himalayan pink salt which has almost 80 of the 92 trace minerals found in nature. Apart from being a potent anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal agents, these vital nutrients also help to ease inflammation and remove phlegm and mucus blockages.

The salt is placed in between two porcelain filters, so you never have to worry about breathing in too much salt or larger crystals. The sturdy ceramic construction means that you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks. The design of the pot with a flat bottom and comfortable width allows for it to be placed on any surface and you can hold it easily while you inhale the salt and mineral rich air.

Salt inhalation therapy is an age old practice!

Salt has been used for centuries to aid in treating and healing a range of ailments. The therapeutic use of salt dates back to several thousand years when Ayurvedic practitioners were prescribing salt inhalation to their patients. Hippocrates was known to be a proponent of the therapy and would frequently add salt to boiling water for inhalation. Eastern Europeans have long benefited from the ionized salty air in cave rooms.

In fact, salt inhalation has gained so much traction that salt rooms, which replicate the environment of European salt caves, are popping up in urban areas across the world. Interestingly, it has also been found that unlike miners who work in coal and metal ore extraction, those who are employed in salt mines have surprisingly healthy respiratory systems and do not develop lung diseases while are common among mine laborers.

Himalayan Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt

Can a salt inhaler be used daily?

Yes, since there are no steroids or artificial drugs involved, you could use this method not only to keep the symptoms of respiratory ailments in check but also in preventative care. All you need to do is spend about 15-20 minutes drawing air into your lungs from the ceramic salt inhaler and it will help with a myriad of health concerns such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Pollen and other micro pollutant allergies
  • Rhinitis
  • Asthma (allergic and bronchial)
  • COPD
  • Influenza
  • Persistent cough
  • Pulmonary infections
  • Smoking linked respiratory ailments
  • Chest infections
  • Sore throat
  • Breathing problems
  • Sinus dehydration related to flying
  • Mucus buildup

Health benefits of salt inhalers

A potent treatment for sinus related disorders: Whether you are battling dry mucus membranes or sinus infections that are making breathing laborious, using a salt inhaler will not only clear the respiratory tract and moisturize it, but will also address the underlying causes of the problem such as inflammation and respiratory tract infection. The Himalayan salt used in the Dr Oz salt inhaler also reduces the general irritation caused due to pollutants and toxins in the air.

Eliminates microbial buildup in the respiratory system: Every day we breathe in hundreds of harmful chemicals and a concoction of dangerous bacteria, virus and fungal cells. The small hair on the inside of our noses are simply not equipped to handle this level of pollution. Add to this the fact that few of us are mindful of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Instead, most of us have inculcated the bad habit of breathing through the mouth. The result is that a lot of harmful microorganisms make their way into our lungs and breed there.

Unfortunately, modern medicine only comes to your rescue when you are in the throes of a full blown bacterial or viral attack. Wouldn’t it be simpler if an anti bacterial agent could simply be passed into the lungs which would kill these microorganisms before they cause an infection? If you answered that with a resounding, “yes” then a salt inhaler will definitely prove to be the solution to your respiratory woes. Himalayan salt with its 80 plus minerals is an extremely strong antimicrobial substance that cleanses the respiratory system and helps to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.

An ideal treatment against inflammation: Our lungs are only equipped to process the oxygen and natural gases from the air we breathe. Unfortunately, with the oxygen we are also inhaling a lot of toxins which irritate the bronchial tracts and vessels. This leads to inflammation, swelling and redness. Himalayan pink salt inhalation works in two ways to remedy this situation; it helps to regulate the response of the immune system and even strengthens it while removing or neutralizing the toxins that are harbored within the lungs and continue to cause harm.

Enhances the overall immune response: The trace minerals from Himalayan salt are known to positively impact the immune system, strengthening the body’s natural defenses.

Cleaner air even for smokers: If the pollution in the air was not enough, smokers add to their lung poisoning by inhaling carcinogenic toxins and tar from tobacco smoke. While a salt inhaler may not prevent or reverse all of the damage done by smoking, it definitely helps in keeping some of the issues such as chronic cough and phlegm build up in check.

Helps to lower blood pressure: The potassium content of Himalayan salt has been found to stabilize blood pressure and using it for inhalation is one of the more effective ways of putting these natural salt crystals to therapeutic use.

Improves breathing capacity: Because Himalayan salt inhalers alleviate inflammation and clear the mucus clogging the airways, they promote deeper breathing, which in turn enhances the oxygen supply to the whole body including the brain. This not only helps to improve cognitive functioning but also triggers the body’s natural relaxation response.

Provides better sleep quality: Sleep issues are often attributed to breathing problems; in fact, anything that obstructs the airway is bound to hinder restful sleep. Since Himalayan salt inhalers keep the bronchial passage clean and clear and bring about mental relaxation, you will be sleeping soundly once you start using these devices.

Clears mucus buildup and works on moisturizing the mucus membrane: While the buildup of mucus will obstruct the flow of air into the lungs, dry mucus membranes can lead to lesions and inflammation which can be painful and uncomfortable. Salt inhalers treat both these conditions. The salt helps to dissolve the mucus, shifting it out of the bronchial chambers and the nose. It also helps to moisturize the epithelial membrane that covers the inside of your nose and respiratory tract, keeping it healthy and free from infections.

Why not use regular table salt for inhalation?

The single most striking difference between the pink Himalayan salt crystals and the white granules in the market bought version of salt is purity. While Himalayan salt crystals were formed under tectonic pressure 250 million years ago, table salt is produced on commercial scale every day. To make it whiter and granular, anti caking agents, bleaching chemicals and artificial minerals are often added to the product.

While the extent of contamination goes up in regular salt, the nutritional value of the granules gets degraded further by processing. In other words, the salt on your table is nothing but an aesthetically pleasing mixture of harmful chemicals that are not doing your body any favors. In contrast, Himalayan pink salt has not been exposed to pollutants at all. It also retains all of its nutritional value since it is not put through any kind of processing.

It is imperative to understand that whether you are inhaling nutrients or toxins, when taken in through the lungs, they will directly find their way into the blood stream. This means that as far as delivery methods go, inhalation sure is very powerful; all the more reason for you to ensure that you only use the purest salt in the inhaler.

Finally, the anti- bacterial properties of Himalayan salt could easily rival commonly prescribed antibiotics. However, unlike man-made drugs that wreak havoc on your immune system, Himalayan salt actually helps to strengthen the body’s immune response.

How to use the salt inhaler?

Once you have the product out of its packaging, clean the salt inhaler of any packaging material or dust. If you need, you can wash it with some warm water. However, make sure it is completely dry before filling in the salt. You can use your hair dryer for this.

Next, remove the silicone plug at the bottom of the inhaler to fill it up with the Himalayan salt crystals supplied in the package. Use 1/3rd of the salt (2.5 ounces) and seal the container with the plug after its filled. Now, simply put your mouth to the inhaler and breathe in through the mouth. Exhale through your nose. You don’t need electricity, batteries, heat or water to use the inhaler pot.

The natural humidity in the air is just enough to leech the right amount of micro particles from the dry salt crystals and deliver them into your lungs. Ensure that you do not breathe back into the pot as the air exhaled has more moisture, which may cause the salt crystals to melt and deteriorate. Also, you want the salt coating your entire respiratory system including your sinuses and nasal cavity, so breathe out through the nostrils.

Ideally, you should be using the salt inhaler for 15-20 minutes. However, you could split this into 3-4 sessions of 5 to 7 minutes each. You could use inhalation therapy everyday or when you feel a cold or congestion coming on. It is recommended that the salt should be replaced every month if you are using the inhaler each day.

Make sure that after use, the salt inhaler is placed in a dry, cool spot away from humidity and warm temperature. So, do not keep it in the bathroom. For hygiene purposes, you can wipe the mouth piece with some cotton dipped in salt water after use. Do not forget to dry the salt inhaler after cleaning.

You can wash the pot before changing the salt; however, do not use dishwashing soap for this and never put the inhaler in the dish washer. Instead, just rinse it with some warm water and dry as suggested above before refilling it. The salt inhaler can be used by the young and the old alike, including children, as long as they are old enough to understand that they are to breathe in through their mouth and breathe out through the nostrils.

Using the Dr Oz salt inhaler for COPD

COPD is a progressive condition which leads to severe breathing trouble. Primarily caused due to smoking, long term exposure to pulmonary irritants can also lead to the onset of the condition. The ailment is marked by the inflammation of the walls of the airways and hyper production of mucus, so salt inhalation helps greatly to control the symptoms of the disease.

As explained above, the potassium, chloride, magnesium, sodium, iodine and sulfur found in their natural state in the pink Himalayan salt help to alleviate inflammation, removing the obstruction in the bronchial vessels. Also, the micro particles of salt help to scrub out the air tract of sticky mucus. The salt helps to loosen and melt the phlegm, making it easier to purge it out of the lungs. Finally, it also eliminates the risk of infection, which is bound to occur if the mucus build up is allowed to persist.

Salt inhalers work on a similar note when it comes to addressing both bronchial and allergic asthma. In case of the latter, the trace minerals help to neutralize the chemical allergens and clear congestion in the chest. At this point, there are no cures for asthma and COPD. Both ailments are treated symptomatically and the best they can do is control these chronic diseases.

Unfortunately, the drugs used often have their own share of side effects. On the other hand, Himalayan salt inhalers work just as well without the detrimental side effects. Of course, you could always use salt inhalation in conjunction with any other form of treatment that has been prescribed by your doctor.

Using a salt inhaler can help you to breathe easily, offer reprieve from chronic cough, prevent and treat chest infections and even eliminate residual tar, pollutants and microorganisms from your respiratory system. There are no allopathic drugs available currently that can accomplish all of this.

Remember pulmonary health is not to be taken lightly. After all this is a vital physiological system of the body that supplies life sustaining oxygen to all the cells. So, even the slightest issue with your lungs and respiratory system in general can leave you with a plethora of health concerns, including fatigue, depression, cardiovascular issues and more. Since prevention is always better than cure, start using a salt inhaler to keep your lungs and respiratory tract healthy.

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Himalayan salt blocks: The complete user’s guide by Himalita Canada

A lot has been said about the Himalayan salt blocks. The benefits of the salt to your health are not in doubt. But how much do you know about the salt? In this article, we tell you all the things you may have wanted to know about the salt. We tell you what it is, the health benefits it brings to you when you consume it, how to cook with it, the foods that you can cook using this salt, and how to care for the salt (this includes proper cleaning and storage tips). Armed with this vital information, you will be much better placed to get the most from your salt and take advantage of its huge benefits. Continue reading to discover more.

Himalayan Salt Block
Himalayan Salt Block

 What is Himalayan salt block?

A Himalayan salt block refers to a big block of pink salt that is hand carved and then formed into a plate. Owing to its unique pale pink color, a Himalayan salt block is often referred to as pink rock salt. The salt is mined from the Asian country of Pakistan and is very high in many minerals. It could be harvested in the form of large blocks like for making salt lamps or for cooking or it could be crushed into small and medium pieces. The salt rock can also be ground at home using a salt grinder after which it can be used for cooking the same way we use regular salt.

These blocks of salt can be molded into squares, circles rectangles or even other tidy brick-like shapes. Each of these plates is different and may be smooth or rough. These salts form a very unique method of preparing and serving vegetables, chicken, sea food and sometimes even cold dishes for instance raw fish. The best thing about these salt blocks is that they are actually healthy for you.

What are the advantages and health benefits of cooking using a Himalayan salt block?

  • A natural source of sodium
    The pink rock salt is a natural sodium source and offers a very important mineral that the body requires for proper functioning. Sodium plays important roles in the body which includes regulating blood volume (and hence blood pressure) and also helping control nerve transmissions, heart functions and muscle contractions. Sodium that the body requires naturally occurs in a variety of foods but may also be taken in the form of added salt as happens with Himalayan salt. The recommended daily amount of sodium is 1500-2300 mg for both males and females from age 9-50.
  • Rich source of other minerals
    When you consume Himalayan rock salt, you will be giving your body much more than simply sodium. It has a total of 84 minerals which include magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, chloride and potassium among other things. The salt also has traces of fluoride, selenium, copper, iodine, zinc and boron. All thee minerals play a big role in ensuring optimal bodily health.
  • It is better than the ordinary table salt
    Being a salt that occurs naturally, it has all the important minerals that the body needs but does not go through refinement or chemical processing. Also, since the salt is usually harvested naturally, you will still enjoy the benefits of this salt irrespective of the form that you consume it in. The salt is likely to exist as fine grains, coarse grains or even large blocks that can be used as platters for serving that season the food they serve delicately.

Himalayan Salt Products

Other benefits of using a Himalayan salt block

  • Increases hydration of the body
  • Creates an electrolyte balance
  • Prevents muscle cramping
  • Assists in proper functioning of the metabolism
  • Regulates water content not only inside but also outside the cells
  • Improves blood circulation

How can I use a Himalayan salt block?

There are lots of different ways that you can use your pink salt. You may want to cook your steak inside the kitchen on your stovetop and later grill shrimp outdoors on the BBQ.

For most people however, the best way to use their salt blocks is grilling a steak outdoor on the BBQ. It gives an amazing unique flavor to the beef. The resultant meat isn’t too salty and quite juicy. Although it is not difficult to use a salt block, you need to care at first. Upon breaking your block of salt, you may use it as your favorite pan for frying. The more seasoned that the block gets, the better. The key is to heat slowly and gently.

Steps & instruction on how to use a salt block

  • Begin by heating the salt block from the room temperature. If you put your block on a grill that is already hot, it might cause it to crack or break.
  • Have your block put on the grill and begin on low for about 15 minutes. The aim is to have a slow and gradual heat.
  • Bring the temperature to medium for about 10 minutes as you tackle other prep work.
  • Next, take the temperature high and let it there for another 10 minutes.
  • To monitor the temperature, you may want to use a thermometer. The other option is to use the gauge that comes with your grill.
  • At this time, it is okay to throw your fish, vegetable or shrimp on. You won’t require too much seasoning for your food as the block takes care of that.
  • By means of a pair of tongs, make sure you flip you’re the food even just once.
  • Just focus on cooking your food well and take care not to BURN it.
  • Serve the food and enjoy. The block retains heat for hours.

How do you clean a Himalayan salt block?

Prior to starting any cleanup exercise, make sure you allow your block to cool off for at least 20 minutes. It can retain heat for 15-20 minutes after being taken off the heat source. After that, you can now touch it without and danger.

Cleaning tips for your Himalayan salt block:

  • Run hot water in your sink and then quickly rinse your salt block
  • Do not soak the block in water
  • Take it out of water and then scrape off the residue using a metal spatula or a scouring sponge
  • Next, rinse quickly in the hot water so as to clean it
  • Use a clean dish towel to dry it. Do this by flipping and patting
  • Take care not to drop it as it may break or worse still, smash your foot
  • Have it set on the counter and allow it to dry

Keeping your salt block clean after use is important because you will also want to use it another time. Make sure that it is thoroughly dried. If you put it on the oven while moist the next time, it will crack due to contraction and expansion.

How to use a Himalayan salty block cold?

Other than cooking, the pink salt can also be used for serving. In this case, the slab of salt is first chilled in a refrigerator and then used to serve food items like cheese. Alternatively, it can even be frozen inside a freezer which can then be used for presenting a cold dessert. Moist foods pick up more of the salty flavor, with the denser and drier foods being presented imaginatively and beautifully.

When used as a serving plate, the food on which it is served takes the flavor from the salt. Even if you do not want to freeze it, you can just serve food with this salt block. The following are the foods that can be served on Himalayan salt block cold:

Himalayan salt for chilled desserts

  • Salads
  • Sushi
  • Cheese
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cold dips
  • Cold appetizers
  • Shell fish
  • Tuna Tartar
  • Cured meats
  • Ice cream and sorbet
  • Hard boiled eggs

What can I cook on a Himalayan salt block?

Isn’t it just awesome to think of yourself cooking food on a slab of pristine crystallized mineral salt aged 250 million years? There is actually no better way to get the nutritional benefits and clean taste of a pure mineral salt to the table than using pink salt. These salt blocks may be heated to a high temperature of even 450 degrees Fahrenheit and then used to sear all manner of foods. After you complete your cooking, the mineral salt slab will be back to its room temperature state where it can then be used as cold serving plate for future meals.

Among the foods that can be cooked on the Himalayan salt block include meat, vegetables and fish. You can choose to slow-heat your Himalayan salt block either using an oven or even over electric burner or a gas flame. Remember that if the salt block is exposed to high temperatures, some spots of the slab will turn white, which is normal. But as it cools, the slab will get more of its original coloring. Since the heat can cause an alteration in the appearance of your block, it is recommended that you buy two slabs. You can use one slab for the purposes of serving or display and the other one for cooking. When you cook with the slab, make sure that it is totally dry before you apply any heat. This is because any prior moisture in the slab could expand and damage the slab.

Typical foods to cook in Himalayan salt blocks

• Chicken, duck or any other poultry
• Thinly sliced veal or beef
• Fish fillets
• Apples, pineapples, bananas, pears and other fruits
• Eggs, cheese and thin sliced potatoes
• Scallops, prawns, shrimp or other types of shellfish
• Vegetables especially zucchini, asparagus and broccoli

How do you store your clean block?

After cooking, you will not necessarily discard your salt block. This is because it is intended to cook for several years. Therefore, it is important that it is properly stored after you have cooked with it and even cleaned it.

After cleaning, dry it using a clean cloth or a paper towel. After that, set it to dry on a rack. The salt block can be stored anywhere that does not have high humidity. If you treat it carefully, your salt block will be able to last you for many years providing you with important uses.

However, even with the best storage possible, you will not be able to use your salt block forever. They tend to become opaque after being subjected to heat over time. This may cause them to have cracks or even fissures. Also, they may get discolored especially if they are used for cooking protein-based delicacies. The salt block may break after being used for long. You may then have it ground and then used for cooking as you buy its replacement.


Originally mined from Pakistani ancient mountains, the Himalayan salt is seen by many as not only the purest but also the cleanest salt that you can find anywhere in the world. The salt blocks are able to be chilled or even heated to just about any temperature that the user may desire. You can use them as platters for serving cheese, oysters, homemade sushi or even desserts among other things.

The best thing with pink salt blocks is the fact that they are versatile and also available in different sizes and shapes. It is recommended to purchase two blocks. You can use one of the blocks for serving the food cold and the next one to cook food such as chicken, meat, and vegetables among other things. As a result of heating, the block tends to change its original color and will even crack. The color change is brought about by the fact that the salt takes in juices from the foods it is used to cook. With proper care, there is no reason your salt block should not give you more uses. Even if it cracks, you do not have to discard it. Broken pieces of Himalayan salt blocks could be put on the items that you are cooking. You put one piece at the bottom of the food item and another one on top.

Himalayan salt has many health benefits to those who consume it. It is the natural source of important minerals like sodium, calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc among many other mineral salts. As a chief natural source of sodium, Himalayan salt block is pure and has not undergone any refinement. It is also devoid of the chemicals that are found in the normal table salt. Above all, it is very cool to cook with Himalayan salt block. Your friends and family will surely love it.

Do you have any questions regarding Himalayan salt blocks, its uses and amazing benefits?
Then please visit our FAQ page. There you will find all the ins and outs about this product.

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Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Baths: Have they been exaggerated?

With stunning colorful and crystalline appearance, it is easy to assume that Himalayan salt baths are a mere aesthetic addition to your bath space. However, these pink, red and off white crystals are a rich source of 84 of the 92 naturally occurring minerals and offer a range of benefits, from therapeutic to curative. Apart from soothing muscles wrought tight by the day’s work, Himalayan bath salts make for a superlative skin care product that is potent enough to keep most dermatological ailments at bay.

Himalayan Salt Bath
Himalayan Salt Bath

In fact, the health benefits of Himalayan salt baths go well beyond the cosmetic as the salt crystals heal the skin and repeal microorganisms that cause infection. The pink salt infuses the skin cells with energy and vital nutrients while pulling out the toxins that have been accumulated due to constant exposure to pollutants and dietary excesses.

A closely guarded secret of some of the most famous and expensive spas in the world, Himalayan bath salts have long been heralded as the ultimate feel good and health restorative product. Fortunately, now it is possible to bring home the goodness of a spa treatment at a fraction of the cost. If you have never had this type of treatment done, here is a look at how Himalayan salt baths work.

Why use pink salt?

Unlike regular free flowing table salt which is laced with chemicals such as anti caking and bleaching agents and artificially derived iodine, these pink salt crystals are a rich source of essential nutrients such as calcium, bromide, sulfur, iodine, potassium, magnesium, iron and more which are readily absorbed by the skin cells. These minerals are in their natural form, so you do not have to worry about the harmful effects of chemical derivatives on your skin.

In fact, among the many health benefits of Himalayan salt baths is their ability to heal dry skin, enhance circulation, increase the retention of moisture in the skin cells and promote cellular regeneration. Salt water brings down inflammation in the joints and tendons and soothes and relaxes the muscles, alleviating pain which is a result of arthritis and other joint ailments as well as physical exertion.

How to use Himalayan bath salts?

Add a few handfuls of salt to the bath tub and ensure that the water is not too hot as the salt crystals maintain the temperature for longer and you may overheat your body. Ideally, you should go for 37 degree Celsius. You could also add a few drops of essential oil to the bath for a soothing aroma. Enjoy a leisurely soak in the water as your skin cells are infused with the minerals and energy accumulated over millions of years and the toxins are pulled out of the body.

Himalayan Salt Products

Before you jump into your detox bath, it would be best to shower and wash yourself. Also, while you are bathing, you will sweat profusely, so keep yourself hydrated by sipping on some water or juice. If you are taking a hot bath, use ice cold water to balance the temperature. While some people choose to take a shower after the detox bath as well, you could simply climb out of the shower and let the mineral rich water dry on your skin; this way your cells get more time to soak in the nutrients.

Therapeutic benefits of using Himalayan bath salts

A mineral soak like no other: About 15 minutes in bath water that contains pink salt is a fabulous way to unwind and relax after a taxing day. The nutrients present in ionic state are quickly absorbed by the dermal and epidermal cells. Also, through the process of osmosis, the toxins accumulated in the body are pulled out into the bath water.

Perfect to get rid of soreness: If you have done too much heavy lifting at the gym or have spent too many hours on your feet at the office, use Himalayan pink salt to deal with muscle cramping and soreness. The minerals that get absorbed through the cells not only offer temporary relief but also aid in healing damaged muscle tissue while fortifying bones, the connective tissue and the skin.

The ideal detox treatment: Himalayan pink salt crystals are potent detoxifiers; the ionic solution reaches deep into the skin cells, right up to the adipose tissue and pulls out the toxins stored in there. After about half an hour, you will emerge out of the bath water, energized and relaxed. In fact, for most people the calming effect is so significant that they quickly fall asleep after a Himalayan salt bath. So, this therapy also works well for people who are battling insomnia.

Doesn’t a regular bath do the exact same thing?

No, it does not! If anything, bathing twice a day can deplete your cells of hydration, leaving you with flaky skin. In contrast, Himalayan bath salt penetrates the upper, callused skin layer and binds with water, forming a protective layer on the skin which prevents the loss of moisture. So, your skin does not dry out; au contraire, it gets replenished. In addition, as you soak in the warm water, you will also breathe in the salt which will clear and heal your respiratory tract.

Himalayan Bath Salts
Himalayan Bath Salts

Himalayan salt baths for skin care

Softer skin: The minerals found in Himalayan bath salts are powerful antioxidants that help to alleviate free radical damage and regulate the production of natural skin oil. The replenishing effect of these essential nutrients results in softer and smoother skin.

Helps to get rid of infections: Himalayan bath salts contain a significant amount of zinc and sulfur which help to kill infection causing microorganisms. So, adding pink salt to your bath water is a great way to heal dermatological infections, skin wounds and lesions.

A natural antihistamine: The magnesium found in Himalayan salt crystals is a potent stress buster. Also, the mineral is known for its natural anti histamine properties. So, if you suffer from recurrent skin allergies, this is the best way to heal your skin without damaging it.

Aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite: Hormonal imbalance, dietary excesses and bad life style choices like smoking are often blamed for the bumpy appearance of cellulite. Because the ionic minerals in Himalayan salt baths seep right up to the layer of fat below the skin, they help in drawing out the toxins, balancing hormonal activity in the body and causing movement in the fat cells which helps to reduce the dimpled look of cellulite.

Provides nutrition to the dermal layers: Zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium and copper are essential for skin health. So, a soak in water that is saturated with Himalayan bath salts offers the necessary nutrition to the dermal cells.

Reduces signs of aging: The minerals in Himalayan bath salt, including copper, silica and others enhance skin elasticity and flexibility which aids in reducing wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Soothes irritated skin: Zinc is a powerful antioxidant that is often used in dermatological preparations meant to soothe and heal damaged skin. Since Himalayan bath salts hold this trace mineral in its most natural and beneficial form, they can work wonders on irritated and inflamed skin.

Balances skin pH: Pink salt is also an effective treatment for balancing the pH level of the skin.

You can using natural pink Himalayan salt crystals for bathing to combat chronic skin ailments

Acne: A brine face wash works just as well as harsh chemical products on acne but it does not dry out the skin. In fact, consistent use can not only help to prevent acne flare ups but also remove the infection from existing pimples and help in drying them while reducing the scars associated with skin breakouts. The sulfur found in Himalayan bath salts acts as a powerful antibacterial compound while zinc helps in cellular regeneration and soothes inflammation.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is an auto immune condition which results in the development of skin sores, pustules and plaque. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the malady in allopathic medicine. However, Himalayan salt baths work on multiple fronts when treating the ailment. The mineral salt crystals regulate the response of the immune system, helping to prevent skin inflammation while the sulfur and zinc help to deal with the itching and the formation of pustules.

Also, the minerals in the bath salts help to dissolve skin plaque and bring about a speedy recovery by promoting cellular regeneration. Since oxidative stress is often considered a trigger for psoriasis, Himalayan bath salts also tackle this issue with their potent anti oxidant properties that help to reduce free radical damage on the skin cells.

Eczema: This is another skin disorder characterized by inflammation, itching and blisters that begin to ooze. Also a condition that is linked to immune dysfunction, pink salt from the Himalayas acts in the same way on Eczema as it does on psoriasis. In fact, the skin lesions caused due to scratching get disinfected along with the blisters and the wounds caused by them. Sulfur and zinc also aid in the quick healing of the damaged skin.

Skin Allergies: Since the essential minerals in Himalayan pink salt reduce IgE levels in the body, they prevent the immune system from over reacting to allergy triggers.

Works well on insect bites and blisters: Insect bites lead to intense itching and the sulfur in Himalayan salt baths helps to relieve the itch. Moreover, the minerals neutralize any toxic venom that has been deposited in the upper layers of the skin.

Foot Fungus: The anti fungal properties of Himalayan salt baths can be put to good use by soaking feet in brine. Not only do the minerals help to kill fungal spores but also they get rapidly absorbed into the dry skin where they promote healing and the removal of dead cells.

Preventing varicose veins and spider veins on your legs and thighs: Varicose veins are often found to be a result of circulatory problems. Since Himalayan salt baths help to improve circulation and alleviate inflammation, these pink crystals are an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of varicose veins. Also, the calcium rich salt prevents the thinning of skin which is one of the causes for the appearance of spider veins.

Himalayan salt baths also work on tender joints!

Joint pain can be caused due to a range of conditions; from something as simple as a sprain or over exertion to serious and chronic ailments like rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis and tendinitis that alter the bone and ligament structure of the joints. A deficiency of vital nutrients, particularly calcium is often at the root of such disorders. Because with Himalayan salt baths, you are supplying calcium to your body through skin absorption, this form of therapy can help to nip skeletal issues in the bud.

Moreover, the minerals help to reduce inflammation and prevent damage while promoting recovery. Also, copper and selenium, two of the 84 trace minerals found in Himalayan bath salts enhance joint mobility and flexibility, reduce joint stiffness, alleviate pain and inflammation and support healthy joints. Boron, manganese and zinc also play crucial roles in muscular and skeletal health. All of these vital nutrients are found in their ionic form in Himalayan bath salts.

Health benefits of Himalayan salt baths go beyond the mere physical!

A relaxing soak in a warm bath that has been energized through the addition of pink salt also aids in promoting mental and spiritual balance. It relieves stress, aids in reducing depression and anxiety and regulates sleep. The composition of Himalayan salt is so potent at the biophysical level that it creates a constant rhythmic molecular movement. Organ functions resonate with this rhythm and activate the natural healing force in the body.

The ionic makeup of Himalayan salt baths is no different from that of amniotic fluid which is a testament to just how healthy and nourishing it is. In addition to this, the negatively charged ions found in water that has been saturated with pink bath salt leads to powerful biochemical reactions in the body and causes the secretion of serotonin. This is a brain chemical that helps to relieve stress and depression and boosts energy.

Himalayan salt baths bring about rapid detoxification and this can cause some people to feel lightheaded and and even lead to fainting in some, if too much time is spent in the bath or if the water is too hot. If you begin to feel dizzy, use a wash cloth soaked in cold water on your head. Remember that thirty minutes spent in Himalayan salt bath is akin to 3 days of fasting, so when you get out of the tub, climb out slowly.

Also, if you have a medical condition, particularly hyper tension, it would be best to consult with your doctor before taking Himalayan salt baths. The pink salt crystals do contain sodium, albeit in lower quantities than table salt. Since the skin cells will absorb this sodium, it would be best to ask your physician if this form of therapy would be suitable for you.

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Halotherapy and Speleotherapy:
Can they really help with respiratory ailments?

What is Halotherapy? The word speleotherapy has Greek origins and refers to treatment modalities used since ancient times to relieve respiratory, pulmonary and dermatological ailments. Derived from the term for cave which is “speleo” in Greek, this form of therapy involved spending time in salt mines known for their mineral infused environment. Most modern day salt therapy treatments find their basis in speleotherapy, including salt inhalers and salt lamps that are aimed at replicating the breathing environment in salt caves.

The history of speleotherapy!

The potency of salt in sorting lung and nasal congestion was first discovered by miners of the Roman era who experienced a distinctive improvement in their breathing endurance despite spending days slogging in ancient salt mines. However, the discovery only registered with Olympic athletes of the time till 1843 when a Polish physician, Dr. Bochkovsky started recommending salt therapy upon noticing the lower instances of respiratory ailments among salt mine workers despite high incident rates in their villages.


He attributed the resilience to consistent exposure to salty air. To understand if his speculation held any merit, he started sending his patients to these salt mines for therapy. To his surprise his patients reported significant benefits which led to his publishing a paper on the discovery. In time, his protégé set up a spa that offered salt therapy.

After Dr. Bochkowsky, a German physician Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel discovered that people who sought refuge in salt mines to protect themselves from allied bombings during WW II came out hale and hearty. Since then, speleotherapy has been a rage in Eastern Europe and Russia. The antibacterial, antifungal and expectorant properties of halite (salt in its natural form) have been used to treat a range of conditions. Today, thousands of people make their way to Eastern European nations which boast of a profusion of such underground salt mines which are now being used as therapeutic centers.

How is halotherapy different from speleotherapy?

Halotherapy is an umbrella term that is used to refer to a range of therapeutic modalities that involve the use of natural salt in the treatment of respiratory, skin and other health problems. While speleotherapy also entails the inhalation and use of natural salt, to indulge in this type of treatment, clients have to make their way down to the salt mines. Unfortunately, not all countries around the world have these salt mines.

Typically, clients have to spend about 1-3 hours each day for a duration of a few weeks in the subterranean environment. There is a large body of medical literature available on the complimentary effects of speleotherapy in tackling chronic respiratory and skin ailments. However, this information is just now making its way down to Western Europe and the United States as most of the research papers are in Russian. Since speleotherapy has widely been recognized as a drug and side effect free treatment initiative that has yielded significant benefits to patients suffering from asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases), halotherapy centers have sprung up in most parts of the world.

These halotherapy spas or therapeutic treatment establishments aim to recreate the saline environment of underground salt caves in a controlled setting, so that people who cannot visit nations that have these salt mines can still benefit from salt therapy. Clients are required to spend some time in a halotherapy room where the walls and the floor are coated with salt and a dry salt aerosol machine is used to suspend ionized micro particles of salt into the air.

The effect of halotherapy are pretty close to what one can expect from a salt mine, with the sole difference that in most halotherapy centers, regular refined salt or at the most cheap sea salt is used for the saline aerosol mist. This means that although you get the benefits of inhaling sodium chloride, you are not exposed to the natural minerals which are part of the crystal salt found in underground caves and mines.

Despite this, when researchers conducted a placebo controlled study with 124 participants who had a range of respiratory issues including bronchial asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic non obstructive and obstructive bronchitis, it was found that halotherapy brought about a significant improvement on various lung function tests . This led the Russian Ministry of Health to grant halochambers the status of medical devices.

Himalayan Salt Products

The impact of halotherapy / speleotherapy on pulmonary health!

Patients who suffer from respiratory diseases respond favorably to salt therapy / halotherapy for three reasons:

  1. When natural salts (sea salt, cave salt, rock salt, himalayan pink salt) are used in halotherapy, depending on their mineral composition, these can have a direct impact on immunological responses in the body. The trace nutrients found in salt are potent enough to enhance the activity and the number of T-lymphocytes and/or alter the levels of complementary cells and mechanisms.
  2. Moreover, the micro particles suspended in the air enter all the bronchial vessels, clearing them of the accumulated mucus. In fact, saline water and nebulization is often used to break down phlegm buildup.
  3. Finally, mineral rich natural salts have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties which keep bacterial infection inside the pulmonary system in check and reduce the growth of fungal cells while neutralizing the impact of harmful pollutants on the lungs.

Modern day speleotherapy!

Although not available in the USA, if you can take a trip down to one of the East European countries, you will find several subterranean salt mines which have been converted into luxurious spas and therapy centers owing to the numerous benefits of salt therapy. One such center that is particularly famous can be visited at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.

Known as the Ukrainian Allergologic Hospital, three treatment modalities are used for salt therapy in this center. Access to the salt rich microclimate of the mines is offered to those who are suffering from respiratory issues while the water from the salt mine is being used for treating skin conditions and crenotherapy. Finally, the brine and the mud from a natural salt lake in the area also form a part of the therapeutic initiatives.

In the 30 year history of the center, nearly 60,000 patients with a host of ailments, ranging from sex disorders to post burn scarring and wounds and from bronchial asthma to psoriasis and more have been effectively treated through the use of speleotherapy.

Modern day halotherapy!

Halochambers or halotherapy rooms which are designed to recreate the microclimate inside the salt caverns have become exceptionally popular across the world and can now be found in all continents from Australia to North America and from Europe to Asia. The advantage of modern day halotherapy is that it makes the benefits of natural salts accessible to all, including people who live outside of regions that have underground salt mines.

Another advantage of using these halotherapy room is that the amount of salt in the air can be varied and since a machine pumps the dry salt aerosol into the room, it can be breathed in more easily and deeper. The particles are 1 to 5 microns in size and are dispersed precisely into the room by the halo generator. The treatment is safe for adults as well as children and just like speleotherapy can be used to treat a myriad of health concerns.

Benefits of halotherapy and speleotherapy

Mineral rich natural salts help to reduce inflammation of the skin, lungs and other organs which is vital to jumpstart the healing process. Not only can halotherapy be used in conjunction with drugs meant to restore pulmonary health, but also this form of treatment is considered effective when used as a preventative measure. For instance, a lot of clients who visit halotherapy centers do so to seek relief from chronic cough and congestion caused due to smoking and to battle the impact of constant exposure to pollutants, dust and bacteria, which often cause the onset of respiratory issues.

In addition, clinical studies indicate that regular halotherapy sessions do indeed help to reduce the frequency of asthma and allergy attacks and the number of hospital visits along with drug usage to treat conditions such as COPD and bronchitis.

Because halotherapy helps to improve circulation, it is an effective treatment against a plethora of skin conditions, from acne to eczema and from herpes sores to psoriasis. The minerals found in natural salts help to moisturize and nourish the skin and eliminate infections while providing relief from itching. Ailments that can be controlled through halotherapy include:

  • Rhinitis
  • Occupational toxic dust bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • COPD
  • Hay fever
  • Smoker’s cough
  • Ear infections
  • Acute respiratory issues
  • Chronic nose and throat illnesses
  • Coughs and colds
  • Viral infections
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Stress
  • Headache
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

The negative ions in the halotherapy room also aid in augmenting energy and mental alertness while promoting an overall sense of well being. The salt micro particles help to:

  • Scrub the airway clean of mucus buildup
  • Abate inflammation linked to bronchitis and other conditions
  • Cleanse and sanitize the bronchial vessels
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Regulate immune reaction to allergens
  • Reduce smoking which is caused due to nasal congestion
  • Prevent and treat flu

Scientific studies that extol the benefits of halotherapy!

  1. A 2006 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine clarified that the inhalation of hypertonic saline helps improve the lung function of people who suffer from cystic fibrosis.
  2. Another study published in the same year in the European Respiratory Journal found that salt inhalation helps to alleviate smoking related symptoms including persistent cough and hyper production of mucus.
  3. A study which was presented in the Journal of Pediatrics in 2007 stated that a 3% hypertonic saline solution used in a nebulizer is a safe and effective treatment for infants who are afflicted by moderate to severe viral bronchiolitis.
  4. The Canadian Family Physician Journal carried an article in 2003 in which it was claimed that nasal irrigation helps to alleviate a range of nasal and sinus conditions and can bring down antibiotic resistance.

Although rigorous clinical trials on salt rooms published in English are certainly lacking, this has not stopped practitioners of modern medicine from combining the benefits of halotherapy with traditional treatments. Most doctors agree that despite the lack of clinical evidence available to western physicians and pulmonary specialists, the fact is that patients do experience less coughing, shortness of breath and sinus pressure when they use salt rooms.

Bringing the benefits of salt spas to your home!

Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Inhaler

The healing effects of halotherapy sessions are undeniable; however, these can be quite expensive, depending on the type of treatment sought and the level of comfort offered. For example, a typical session in a general room that is used by 5 to 6 clients will cost $35- $50 an hour. On the other hand, using a private halochamber that comes complete with a TV will set you back by $100 for every hour.

Considering the fact that you will need at least 2 sessions per week and will be asked to go for anywhere between 12 to 25 sessions, you would be spending a small fortune. Unfortunately, halotherapy is not covered by insurance because it is considered a complimentary form of treatment. So, you will have to field the expense out of your own pocket.

However, it is possible to get all the health benefits of halotherapy at a fraction of the cost with simple devices. The biggest advantage is that unlike halochambers, the salt used in salt inhalers and even netipots is Himalayan pink salt. As far as natural salts go, you simply cannot do better than these pink and red crystals that contain as many as 84 of the 92 trace elements found naturally.

Additionally, Himalayan salt therapy / halotherapy can also work for those who suffer from hypertension since it contains 84% sodium chloride as compared to the 90% found in sea salt and 98% found in table salt. Also, unlike sea salts, the purity of Himalayan salt has not been marred by pollution or artificial processing. Extracted through hand mining from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan, Himalayan pink salt brings the nutritional and energy benefits compounded over 250 million years right into your home.

How is halotherapy different from salt inhalers?

Halotherapy hinges on the use of a mechanical device which infuses the air with salt micro particles. In contrast, salt inhalers are merely porcelain pots with a salt chamber covered by two filters and a pipe for inhalation. Air inlets at the bottom of the assembly supply the air into the salt chamber which gets loaded with the negative ionic salt particles that are pulled away from the crystals by the natural humidity in the air.

The user then draws this air into the lungs experiencing the same therapeutic benefits as a person who indulges in professional halotherapy sessions. The advantage of using a salt inhaler is that you are in control of the type of salt used in the device. In fact, the product comes with its supply of Himalayan salt crystals. Unlike a salt pipe, this device does not have to be thrown out once you exhaust the salt in it. The chamber can easily be refilled.

What’s more is that the salt micro particles are smaller than the those found in the dry salt aerosol. So, there is a lower risk of irritation. Also, the therapy is milder which means it can be used for prevention and to cure the symptoms of respiratory ailments.

Apart from salt inhalers, halotherapy home devices include neti pots which can be used for nasal irrigation and Himalayan salt lamps. These aesthetically appealing products release negatively charged salt ions into the air and can greatly improve the breathing environment in any space of your home.

Halotherapy or speleotherapy are gentle and effective natural relieves that can control the symptoms of many respiratory problems, including chronic conditions such as COPD and asthma. Halotherapy is particularly beneficial for children who suffer from such diseases. Typically, adults are asked to go through 1 hour halotherapy sessions while naturopaths recommend 45 minute sessions for kids.

The only time halotherpay is contraindicated is if there is nasal bleeding, spitting of blood, cardiac issues and severe lung insufficiency linked to an acute pulmonary disorder. Some people may experience minor skin itching after a halotherapy session if they have rashes, skin wounds or particularly sensitive skin. However, this can easily be remedied by massaging the body with essential oils after the session. The benefits of 10 to 12 sessions of speleotherapy / halotherapy can last for as long as a year in an otherwise healthy individual.

Halotherapy still a recently new treatment. If you wish to experience a session of Halotherapy, the best thing to do it to do a local Google search for “salt spas” or “Halotherapy clinics”

If you are interested in learning more about Halotherapy, please visit our FAQs page. There you will find a lot more information regarding Halotherapy and all the Himalayan salt benefits.

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Can a Himalayan Salt Soap Bar Help To Make your Skin Healthy?

Himalayan Salt Soap Bar: Spa treatments and expensive skin care products rolled into one! Himalayan salt is being hailed as the panacea that can cure multiple ailments, including skin maladies that are often hard to treat with allopathic medication. Naturopaths have been heralding the benefits of pink salt for years and have been using Himalayan salt soap bars in a range of treatment initiatives to control the symptoms of dermatological issues such as eczema and psoriasis, as a remedy for acne and even to get rid of scar tissue.

In fact, the claims of Himalayan salt soap benefits often make people wonder why the pink crystalline salt is so effective and if it can help solve the skin issues they are battling. So, here is a look at how you can use these unique, crystal salt soap bars to replenish your skin and keep it healthy as well as to sort out a range of skin maladies.

Himalayan Salt Soap
Himalayan Salt Soap

What makes pure and organic Himalayan pink salt as effective as they say it is?

Harvested from ancient water bodies deeply ensconced in the Himalayan range, the salt not only has a beautiful, crystalline structure and pink or white hue to it but also it is packed with 60 plus of the 92 essential trace minerals, many of which can act as potent treatments against a myriad of skin conditions.

When the Himalayan salt soap bar is used for a bath, the water takes on the same therapeutic properties as that found in some of the most mineral rich and ancient seas across the world. In fact, you could easily get the benefits of bathing in the Dead Sea, which is the most saline water body in the world, in your bathroom with this soap bar.

Actually, to call it soap would be a misnomer of sorts because it does not produce the lather that is typical of regular body and face washes and it does not contain the harmful chemicals that strip your cells of vital nutrients and moisture, leaving it dry, wrinkly and susceptible to infections. As far as nature cures go, this is one of the most potent, so you will start experiencing the distinctive benefits of using a Himalayan salt soap bar from the very first week.

Does the topical application and use of pink himalayan salt really help?

The skin is not only the largest organ of the body but also it serves a plethora of functions; from protecting the muscles and internal organs to acting as an excretory layer, the skin does it all since it has the capability to absorb nutrients and deliver them to the body and filter toxins. Your skin is also one of the first to get impacted by ailments, so a look at your skin can often reveal the state of your health.

Himalayan Salt Products

Pink salt when used topically helps to filter out the toxins from the epidermal and dermal cells. The minerals present in the crystalline structure of the salt changes into charged particles called ions which are easily absorbed and passed on to the deeper layers of muscles in the body.

This is one of the primary reasons why a Himalayan salt soap bar can not only be used to ward off superficial skin ailments like acne and eczema but it is also remarkably effective against stress, water retention and muscle pain. Because it enhances the skin’s ability to purge out toxins from the body, it also helps to lower the burden on other excretory organs such as the liver and the kidneys.

The essential minerals in Himalayan pink salt that are effective natural cures

One way to use Himalayan salt in your skin care regimen is to make some brine (salt and mineral water mixture). However, this means that to indulge in the ritual every day, you will have to mix the salt in the water, let it sit for a while till the minerals saturate the water and then use it. With a Himalayan salt soap bar, you can avail all the benefits of a brine bath and even more without the added hassle.

Loaded with several essential nutrients, some of the most important trace elements in pink salt that impact the health of the skin are:

  • Chromium: Lowers the risk of skin infections and fights off the inflammation and bacterial buildup which causes acne.
  • Zinc: This nutrient regulates the production of sebum or natural skin oil without drying out the epidermis. It also aids in tissue regeneration and cellular healing. Zinc is also known to promote healthy immune activity and help in the healing of sores and wounds.
  • Iodine: This mineral increases the oxygen uptake of the skin cells and enhances the metabolic rate of the skin, which helps in healing skin infections and wounds.
  • Sulfur: Commonly found in anti acne preparations, sulfur keeps your skin smooth and clear by drying scalps and rashes and nourishing the skin.

Himalayan salt soap benefits can give expensive skin care products a run for their money

Although extremely potent, pink salt is one of the most affordable forms of skin treatment; it is also incredibly well balanced, combating a myriad of skin issues. So, this may very well be the only product that you need.

The crystalline and mineral rich salt is readily absorbed by the cells of the epidermis and dermis where it helps to remove the accumulated toxic buildup. It helps to cleanse and purify the pores without the dehydrating effect linked to the use of chemical products. The result is soft and supple skin with an even complexion and a youthful glow.

The therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt soap bar for skin health

Use it for an even skin tone: Because dark spots and marks are a result of toxic buildup in the inner layer of the skin, pink salt is very effective in gently eliminating these dermal issues as it breaks down the harmful buildup and even removes the toxins from the cells.

Supple and smooth skin: Many of the minerals found in the Himalayan salt soap bar are extraordinarily powerful antioxidants that can help to prevent and heal antioxidant damage, which leads to dull lifeless skin

Regulates the production of skin oil: Pink salt works on the sebaceous glands, promoting the optimal production of sebum which hydrates and protects the skin cells. So, it works for people with dry and combination skin as well as those with oily skin.

Anti-aging properties: The salt is easily absorbed in the skin along with the water which naturally plumps up the skin and lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Exfoliates the skin: The crystalline structure of pink salt makes it ideal for exfoliation. The dead cells that accumulate on the upper layer of the skin lead to a dull and sallow complexion. Pink salt gently slows off these dead skin cells which are also the cause of acne and brings out the youthful and glowing layer of skin underneath.

Rejuvenates: Himalayan salt soap is also one of the most effective natural cures for skin rejuvenation, as it strengthens the skin tissue and refines it, giving you younger and firmer looking skin.

A powerful yet gentle cleanser: The salt easily enters the pores, disinfecting them and cleaning the buildup of dead cells, grime and oil.

Enhances circulation: The minerals in pink salt are also known to improve blood circulation which means that your skin will end up getting more oxygen and will look younger and healthier.

Other therapeutic Himalayan salt soap benefits

  • Since pink salt does not dry out the skin but has a crystalline structure which is abrasive, you could use it as a natural foot scrub and hand scrub.
  • The minerals in the soap will help to get rid of nail polish stains and yellow coloring of the nails.
  • Because the salt removes toxins from the skin and muscle cells, bathing with it can easily beat any spa treatment for detoxification.
  • The minerals in pink salt soothe tired muscles and alleviate pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue.
    Pink salt regulates blood pressure, lowering it in hypertensive patients, so it promotes calmness and a good night’s sleep.
  • It can also be used as a disinfectant hand wash, like regular soap. However, it will not leave you with scaly and dry skin.
  • It balances the pH level of your skin which not only helps in enhancing skin health but will also bring out the positive benefits of other skin care products.
  • Because it brings down itching and redness, it can also be used against insect bites
  • The minerals in pink salt are natural cures for body odor, so the soap can be used as a non-chemical deodorant.

Use Himalayan salt soap bar to fight several chronic skin conditions

Psoriasis: Himalayan salt is an effective treatment against psoriasis and its symptoms. It wards off infections which turn into a big problem for patients who suffer from the intense itching and inflammation that is caused due to the condition. It also regulates the secretion of essential skin oils which prevent dehydration of the cells and helps in healing the damaged areas of the skin. The sulfur and iodine found in the crystals eliminate the itching and help patients who cannot sleep due to the discomfort.

Acne: When used against pimples, the Himalayan salt soap bar acts on multiple fronts. Normally, you would have to use several products to get the same effect. To begin with, it brings down the production of sebum; then it removes the dead skin cells which clog the pores along with the skin oils. It is also a strong antibacterial agent which prevents the infection of the pores and the formation of pustules. Finally, it helps to heal acne wounds, reduces the formation of scar tissue and aids in removing the dark spots and scars left behind.

Premenstrual syndrome: If you have used all available remedies for the cramping and bloating you experience during your period, you should definitely try the pink salt soap bar which helps to eliminate water retention. The potassium and iron found in the salt regulates the use of water in the cells and even soothes the aches and cramps.

That obstinate double chin: Losing weight all over the body does not always get rid of the double chin which can turn into a constant and ungainly fixture on your face. However, the Himalayan salt soap bar can come to your rescue. A body that becomes acidic also becomes low in vital minerals and salts. The salivary glands react to this change by producing more than the required amount of saliva which is to be used for lubricating the food as you chew it and to supply the digestive organs with the fluids needed to alkalize the food.

As the condition persists, more blood is supplied to the salivary glands to meet the increased demand on them. This harms the blood vessels in the long run which become leaky. These leaks seep into the tissue around the mouth, most notably the chin and the jowls which start sagging with the weight. Because the soap bar will help to deliver essential salts and minerals into the body, it also aids in tightening the musculature around the mouth.

Herpes: The sores caused due to this condition are annoying, painful and persistent. The virus that leads to herpes lives in the body till the immune system is weakened by the onslaught of another infection. In this scenario, the virus multiplies at an exponential rate, leading to severe blistering. The soap helps to ease the discomfort and the pain and prevents secondary infection of the sores.

Eczema: The National Association of Eczema has recognized salt baths to be a potent treatment against the symptoms of eczema. The non drying effect of pink salt helps to soothe effected skin and relieve the itching. It also stimulates circulation which helps in faster skin regeneration.

Contact dermatitis: Caused due to exposure to chemicals, fragrances used in toiletries and plants such as poison ivy, contact dermatitis can result in the appearance of red rashes that resemble prickly heat or even angry blisters. Himalayan salt soap bar can be used to prevent itching and pus accumulation in the rashes. The magnesium and bromine in pink salt are very efficacious when used against skin allergies.

How to use the Himalayan salt soap bar?

Because the bar contains several salt crystals of varying sizes and shapes, its surface can be abrasive. So, never use it directly on the skin as you would a normal soap bar. Instead, rub it in your hands and the salt that comes of can then be applied to the body. Ideally, you should do this after your shower. You could also wrap the Himalayan salt soap bar in a thin, muslin cloth and then use it directly over your skin.

Once the resulting mixture of salt and water is applied to the skin, do not wash it off. Instead, let it dry and then you can simply remove the residual crystals by using a towel or your hands. If you feel dryness setting in, follow this with an organic oil massage, but only if you need it.

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The benefits of using a Himalayan salt candle holder

Why use a salt candle holder?

Many of us have witnessed firsthand the comforting and aesthetically-pleasing glow of a Himalayan salt candle holder. With its unique shape and distinctive pink-to-amber color, a Himalayan salt candle holder is certainly a charming addition that perfectly suits any home decor scheme. It’s compact, simple, beautiful, and possesses every qualification for the ideal balance of nature and functionality. However, a Himalayan salt candle holder provides far more than an attractive complement for your desired choice of home furnishings. In fact, a Himalayan salt candle holder boasts numerous health benefits that can boost health and healing for your entire family, making it a smart and valuable purchasing option for virtually every room of your home.

Himalayan salt candle holder
Himalayan salt candle holder

A Concise History of Himalayan Salt:

Before we can understand how these unique candle holders operate, it’s important to consider the nature of Himalayan salt and why this particular salt is so highly valued. This pink salt is now more readily available, perhaps, than ever before since the internet has obviously encouraged the rapid trade of such items that were difficult to secure in times past. Although the air purification process seems pretty simple, we must consider what makes Himalayan salt so much more unique than other materials that might have been used to neutralize the air. Himalayan salt is recognized as the purest type of salt available since it is harvested at high altitudes — so high, in fact, that it is unable to be contaminated by environmental pollutants. A nutrient powerhouse, Himalayan salt includes a staggering 84 minerals and what are called “trace” elements. Indeed, there is a rich record to explore regarding Himalayan salt’s powerful benefits, starting with an exploration of its history dating back millions of years. Himalayan salt is extracted from prehistoric, lava-covered sea beds that are located, appropriately enough, within the Himalayan Mountains. Since the beds were covered by this lava, the salt itself was able to successfully escape environmental contaminants that could strip it of its purity. A bit of lore and history also come into play, especially when considering the rich history of this valuable salt variation. It is believed by many that the prehistoric history of the salt is what makes it so healthy, since men and women would likely to have been exposed its healing properties through time, thus encouraging a sort of adaptive behavior through the evolutionary process.

A Look at Science and its Impact on Himalayan salt therapy:

To fully understand how this useful conversation piece operates, it is imperative for us to take a brief look at the scientific component. Indeed, the effectiveness of these salt crystal candle holders is linked directly to science along with numerous other interesting facts regarding their benefits. The key to the product’s regenerative properties lies in its generous production of negative ions. Now, upon first impression, a negative ion would appear to be detrimental to health and to the atmosphere as a whole. However, the term, “negative,” in this case is actually quite the opposite! Negative ions help to neutralize the air, thus creating a healthier, cleaner, more energizing air quality. There exits an intriguing specific procedure for how the Himalayan salt candle holder effectively balances and purifies the air. The process is relatively simple: Heat from the candle holder promotes an increase in moisture which, in turn, eventually leads to evaporation of that moisture. As the moisture is released back into the atmosphere, negative ions are also expelled, which, of course, neutralize the positive ions in the air.

Himalayan Salt Products

The ion factor is significant to overall health and well-being, and the goal is to maintain a health ratio of positive to negative ions. 1000-1500/cm3 are considered the optimal numbers of ions that should be present in a particular environment and that the positive/negative ion ration should be approximately 1.02 to 0.98. The more technology used, coupled with the more confined a specific work area is, the greater the levels of what this sites appropriately labels “electrical smog.” Indeed, we often hear of the drawbacks of living in pollution-based areas due to industrial smog caused by pollution, but these days, smog can be created anywhere an extensive use of technology is present! Therefore, the key is to keep our living environments sufficiently balanced.

Ions and You: Where They Come from and How the Presence of Ions Can Affect Your Overall Health:

Negative ions are often produced by natural occurrences, such as lightning storms and ocean waves, thus prompting the familiar revitalizing feeling many individuals experience after these types of natural events. The air, therefore, has been jolted with such a dramatic increase in negative ions, which helps to counteract the overabundance of “positive” ions in the atmosphere. These positively-charged ions are what can sap energy levels among other negative health-related drawbacks. In fact, positively-charged ions can contribute to increased levels of stress, allergies, and even to sleep-related issues. Therefore, it certainly makes sense as to why televisions and other electrically-charged devices cause our sleep quality to be considerably altered, aside from the noise and sound emissions. Indeed, in today’s digitally-driven age, the massive amount of household electronics, appliances, central heat/air conditioners, and other electric and wireless-powered products promote a positive air quality. Of course, one might simply consider scaling back the use of such devices, but for even stronger air-purification benefits, the Himalayan salt candle holder will prove a significant player in expediting this process. These candle holders also provide an increase in chi, an improved immune system, and better overall mental health.

More about the Benefits of Himalayan Salt:

Indeed, now we better understand Himalayan salt and how it has proven to be a real “game-changer” for many individuals experiencing a wide range of health-related issue since we have addressed the basic benefits, such as improved sleep quality and better overall mental health. However, the salt also encourages a deeper, more restorative healing due to the overall improved environmental status. The use of electrical devices and other such modern technological products encourages the increased output of positive ions, as we have mentioned previously. The result of this technology use results in higher frequency, approximately 100-160 Hz, which the body has difficulty in assimilating since our bodies only create 8Hz. This frequency difference is, therefore, relatively significant and can encourage health-related issues, such as nervous tension, insomnia, and more. The body is under increased amounts of stress produced by such exposure to these high-frequency levels, and the increased stress levels are what can contribute to health-related problems. Additionally, as stress levels increase in the body, so does the presence of dangerous free radicals, which contribute to even deeper health problems such as cancer.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt
Benefits of Himalayan Salt

The Beginnings of the Practice of Salt Therapy:

Of course, this rich history is definitely something to marvel at, but how did humans first discover the practice of salt therapy that has prompted the development of groundbreaking household standbys such as candle holders, lamps, and the use of Himalayan salt as a whole? Through the ages, individuals have used salt as a remedy for health-related problems such as congestion. Salt water, salt mines, and mineral waters were employed as effective solutions for such health woes, but the location of each could prove a significant issue. After all, consider that people had to literally venture out to the far corners of the world in order to secure these remedies! Therefore, special types of clinics were created around the world in order to provide patients will readily-available salt remedies. This type of therapy is called “speleotherapy.” Indeed, the burgeoning interest in speleotherapy dates back to the time of Cleopatra of Egypt. Sufferers would take a plunge in the Dead Sea, and, essentially, travel the distance to obtain treatment for their ailments, but the specific reasons for the benefits were not officially realized until research conducted by a Polish researcher in 1843 began to illustrate the scientific reasoning behind these treatment options. To begin his research, this scholar began examining the patterns of salt miners, and he began to realize that these miners were simply not suffering from lung-related issues like much of the other population. He therefore concluded that the saline dust was the secret to increased lung health.

Today’s Clinical Treatment Options:

Thanks to such clever simulation techniques, sufferers no longer have to travel long distances to receive effective, targeted, and natural salt treatments that are more relaxing and certainly more hygienic than sitting in a salt mine for hours on end. Indeed, these days, a myriad of interesting options exist for sufferers seeking relief for a wide range of issues. For starters, if one is searching for a more regimented, clinical treatment approach, Halochambers, a recent phenomenon, is one such treatment option. The dried aerosol of sodium chloride is used for both skin and respiratory infections. Essentially, in order to administer this treatment, an environment is created that will mimic that of an actual salt mine. This type of environment is typically a room that is designed and designated specifically for this purpose. Such a room is called a “halochamber” and is a pure, low-moisture environment that promotes healing and relaxation. In order to create these rooms, an application of salt is added to both the walls and floor. In addition to this thorough, liberal use of the salt, a halogenerator is also used to distribute high-quality salt grains into the environment. This halogenerator is essentially a machine that prepares these salt particles for optimal use in the human body by crushing the salt into manageable particles that can be absorbed through the nose and skin.

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Treatment:

Indeed, one can select the option of obtaining treatment through these types of clinical settings, but chances are, most individuals simply do not possess the time and energy necessary to use such facilities consistently enough to product optimal results. Thankfully, products such as Himalayan salt candle holders exist that can help sufferers to effectively simulate a pure, free-radical eliminating environment in their own homes and work areas. Although a Himalayan salt lamp is a smart option for when one is going to remain in a larger, centralized location, a Himalayan salt candle holder is an even more convenient and economical option if one simply does not possess the space or appropriate electrical outlet to operate a lamp. These candles holders can be placed strategically throughout a room to help effectively disperse the positive ion-neutralizing properties. The inviting glow also helps to set a more romantic ambiance. Of course, as with any candle, it is crucial for users to place such items in plain view and to never leave a candle unattended while it is burning.

How to Select the Best Himalayan Salt Candle Holder to Best Suit Your Needs:

Although many sources out there offer valuable tips for selecting the most appropriate Himalayan salt lamp, the same suggestions can easily apply to Himalayan salt candle holders as well. For starters, the largest salt circumference possible for your specific environment should be selected since, obviously, a larger circumference promotes more negative ion output. Users should search for a deep-colored salt block since the more vivid the coloring, the higher the mineral content will be. One should also carefully inspect the candle holder before use to ensure that no cracks or other malfunctions are present, which can cause water leakage.

Our Himalayan Salt Candle Holders Offer Unsurpassed Quality and Elegance:

Our Himalayan salt candle holders are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, so when you purchase from us, you can be assured that your candle holder will provide optimal health benefits while proving an attractive addition to your home or workspace. These candle holders are also the perfect accompaniment to a romantic evening. Placed on a table or near a sparkling water fountain, the inviting, soft pink glow will help to set the stage for an intimate dinner or quiet, cozy movie at home.

Armed with the ion-neutralizing power of a Himalayan salt candle holder and other Himalayan salt product options, you can take a valuable step toward creating a healthier and safer environment for both you and your family.