Himalayan salt inhaler

Himalayan Salt Inhaler
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The Himalayan Salt Inhaler was feature on Dr. Oz show

Only the Dr. Oz Himalayan Salt Inhaler can bring the benefits of the exact natural environment of a salt mine to the comfort of home. The Dr. Oz Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a handy drug-free and non-invasive product that enables you to enjoy the health benefits of salty air therapy. The usage of sea salt for therapeutic treatment of asthma as well as several other respiratory illnesses is nothing new. Halotherapy (Halo Salt in Greek) and Speleotherapy (Speleos Cave) are well known in European countries. Each of those treatments fall under the type of drug-free treatment or physical therapy of disease. Salt inhalation was proposed by Hippocrates the father of modern-day medicine who applied the age-old process of inhaling the water vapor from boiling hot sole solution. Every day use (21 minutes or 3 session of 7 minutes) a few minutes can – ease breathing – aid rehabilitation therapies of the lungs and clean the breathing tract. Salt-air are often very helpful for breathing complications as a result of pollen and other allergy problems, asthma together with other bacterial infections dehydrating re-cycled air

While thousands of people swear by their Neti Pots, some individuals, this includes many young children, won’t bear the thought of having water in their noses and sinuses. They’d choose take antibiotic, antihistamine, steroid, or puffers in place of work on nasal irrigation.

Now there is a powerful tool that is able to bring several of the advantages from the Neti Pot without worrying about water. The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a ceramic unit that functions primarily based on Speleo/Halo Therapy principal, known for many decades to be a useful therapy for a large number of lung disorders. A Polish medical practitioner in the nineteenth century noted that people working in salt mines seldom experienced breathing problems. Since then, Eastern European countries have gained a status for its salt underground caves, where many people today visit every year to enjoy the recovering, antibacterial, anti-microbial, as well as anti-fungal characteristics of the caves’ salty air. Here, the signs and symptoms of diseases for example symptoms of asthma, swelling of the respiratory system, as well as other allergic reactions are often ameliorated or go away. The Himalayan Salt Inhaler tries to reproduce this natural environment using salt crystals put between the clay filter systems of the unit. The humidity from the passing air takes in the microscopic salt particles that then penetrate into the respiratory system to achieve beneficial improvements.

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