What are the health benefits of drinking Himalayan salt sole

Transform your life and health with Himalayan Salt Sole. Himalayas – the tallest mountain range in the world, the abode of Gods and mythical beings, the land of eternal snow and ice. You will be surprised to know that once upon a time, about 70 million years ago (give or take a few million), it was all in the bottom of a sea! The Tethys Ocean to be exact. Even today, mountaineers struggling with oxygen deprivation at the unimaginable heights of the Himalayan peaks come across fossils of ancient sea animals.

In fact, these age-old bones are not the only evidence of the ancient sea beds. The Himalayas abound with sedimentary rocks, ancient deposits of algae and of course, salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt: One of the most precious substances known to man

Nomads of the remote corners of Nepal, Tibet and India trudge for hundreds of miles following their Yaks laden with salt. Himalayan salt or pink salt has for centuries been treated as one of the most precious commodities by the mountain communities. In fact, for many of them, salt not gold, is still the currency of choice. The greatest gift you can give anyone here is salt. Not the store brought packed salt that you use every day but Himalayan salt, procured with great difficulty from far off mountain ranges and carried across great distances and heights.

Why is Himalayan Salt Precious?

But it is just salt,’ you might say. “And isn’t another name for salt, common salt?” Well as salt goes, this is definitely not common. Actually, it is very different from the salt you usually use in your cooking in many ways. Let us see how Himalayan salt is different from the variety that you are used to.

Purity70 million years old
The common salt that we use is produced by evaporating sea water. And because there is abundant quantity of salt in the sea water and there is an inexhaustible amount of sea water available, salt is cheap, and rightly so. Since man learned to make salt from sea water, salt has been in plentiful supply.

However there is a caveat. In the last few centuries, we have also been messing with the sea and its water. We have been dumping waste, industrial toxins, petroleum and various other kinds of chemicals into the sea. The water of the oceans has become so poisonous that it is killing the fishes and the whales.

So what happens to all the toxins and the poisons when we evaporate the sea water? Yes, it goes into the salt.

However, as we have seen Himalayan pink salt was formed millions of years ago. Long before humans started meddling with nature, and is therefore absolutely free of toxins and poisons.

Himalayan Salt Products

The Air Up There
Even today the regions from which Himalayan Salt is mined are the most pristine in the world. The simple pastoral or nomadic folk who frequent these heights live with the minimum use of technology. This region is therefore one of the least polluted known to man.

This ensures that the Himalayan Salts are as pure and as unspoiled as you can imagine.

The Abode of the Gods
From Buddhists to Bons, Jains to Hindus, Animists to Taoists, every single religion that has come in contact with the Himalayas has revered it as a special place of spiritual significance. Ancient as well as modern travelers testify that there is something in these mountains that inspire us to be more spiritual, that uplifts our souls and hearts.

Many believe that the mountains abound with spiritual energy that resonates in every creature, and rock up here. As it is with everything else, so it is with salt. It is said that Himalayan Salt is replete with the extraordinary energy of this place.

Minerals and Trace Elements
Commercial salt is mostly sodium chloride. Himalayan salt is so much more. It has been found that Himalayan salt has more than 84 minerals and trace elements! And each of these minerals has special properties and benefits.

The Unique Ionic Signature
When salts and other soluble substances are dissolved in water, their ions are released. Himalayan Salt has been found to have a unique signature. Many an expert believes that this signature is extremely beneficial to the human body.

Rejuvenate, refresh, renew with Himalayan Salt Sole

But how does one use the unique properties of Himalayan salt to benefit one’s body?

Actually there are many ways in which pink salt can be used. The easiest and one of the most effective is the Himalayan Salt Sole.

So what is Himalayan Salt Sole?

Simply put, it is water completely saturated with Himalayan Salt. Let us see what that means.

When you take a glass of water and pour a spoonful of salt in it, and then stir it, the salt dissolves completely. When you add another spoonful and then another, the salt keeps on dissolving. However, there will come a time when you add more salt, it does not dissolve. Rather it collects at the bottom. This means that the water has absorbed as much as salt as it can. The rest is being rejected. At this point of time, the water is completely saturated with salt.

When you do this process with a Himalayan pink salt, what you get is Himalayan Salt Sole.

The best thing about Himalayan Salt Sole is that you can make a jar and keep it for a long time.

How to make Himalayan Salt Sole

Take a glass jar (ceramic will also do). Fill a quarter of it with Himalayan salt. Now add water as you stir it. If the whole water dissolves, add more salt. Once you have filled the jar, you have got your Himalayan Salt Sole ready.

Himalayan Salt Sole
Himalayan Salt Sole Therapy

There is however one thing you need to be extremely careful about – at no point of the process should you use metal. So no metal jars or glasses. No metal spoons. No metal, whatsoever. Why? Let’s find out.

Keep Away from Metal

If you have ever stayed near the sea, you would have noticed that salt water corrodes metal. So, cars parked near the sea, metal fittings on your windows and doors – everything gets oxidized.

This happens only because of the action of salt dissolved in water. Because once you dissolve salt in water, it becomes reactive (hence the great benefits of salt sole). You can keep dry salt on metal for years without any apparent effect.

So if you use a metal spoon, a metal jar, or even a metal lid on the jar, the metal gets oxidized. As a result the oxidized metal can then leach into the water and completely spoil your sole. In fact, instead of being beneficial, the polluted sole could become harmful for you.

How to Consume Himalayan Salt Sole

It is as simple as it gets. After waking up in the morning, take a spoonful of Himalayan Salt Sole and mix it with a glass of pure water and drink it. If the tap water in your home has a metallic taste, you can use bottled water.

You need to make sure that you consume Himalayan Salt Sole in an empty stomach, before you even have breakfast.

As the level in your jar of sole decreases, you can level it up simply by adding more water and Himalayan Pink Salt. Just remember to make sure that there is some salt left over at the bottom.

The goodness of 84 minerals: You will start experiencing the energizing power of Himalayan Salt Sole from the day you start taking it. Long term sole therapy or brine therapy has the following benefits.

Detoxification: With prolonged use, sole leeches out the toxins of the body and gets rid of it.

Supplies Essential Minerals: Many of the minerals supplied by pink salt are critical to the healthy functioning of the body.

Balancing pH: The pH of your body balances out. This can have many other health benefits.

Normalized Blood Sugar: It helps the body maintain blood sugar levels within the normal and healthy range.

Decreases Muscle Cramps: As Himalayan Salt Sole increases hydration as well as essential minerals, it can greatly reduce the incidence of muscle cramps.

Keeps Blood Pressure in Check: It is wrong to think that any kind of salt can have an adverse effect on blood pressure. As Himalayan Salt Sole provides the body with mineral rich, unrefined salt in an active and ionic solution, it helps normalize blood pressure.

Controls Allergies: Hay fevers and other allergies are kept at bay as the Himalayan Salt Sole acts as a very effective anti histamine.

Improves Hormone Balance: For people who face issues of hormonal balance, the Himalayan Salt Sole can have amazingly beneficial effects.

Helps Weight Loss: If you are on a weight loss program, this could be your best friend. Sole therapy greatly increases the effectiveness of weight reduction plans.

Improves Energy: You will start feeling a far more energetic version of yourself. Practically every one who has had brine therapy has reported this great benefit.

Supports Thyroid Function: The thyroid gland is crucial to the health of the body. Intake of Himalayan Salt Sole can support the thyroid gland and improve its function.

Helps Fight Addiction: Whether you are trying to quit smoking or give up caffeine, whether it is those sugary treats that you are trying to avoid or fried snacks that you want to bid goodbye to, sole therapy can go a long way in controlling your cravings.

Eliminates Sediments: Due to pollution and other factors, sediments collect in the body. This can lead to kidney stones, gall bladder stones, arthritis and rheumatism. Sole dissolves the sediments and gets rid of them thus decreasing greatly the chance of getting these disorders.

Skin Diseases: The Himalayan Salt Sole cleans your body from inside out. This greatly improves skin condition and cures many skin diseases.

Gets rid of Metal: From food to air, our body is exposed to many harmful heavy metals that collect in our bodies. Brine therapy can greatly help in breaking down and removal of heavy metal deposits.

Regularizes Heartbeats: It has been found that sole therapy can have a stabilizing effect on heartbeats.

Reduces Acidity from Brain Cells: The active ionic solution of sole can take out excess acidity at the cellular level. It is particularly effective in the case of brain cells.

Hydroelectric Energy: Himalayan Salt Sole with its active ionic solution rejuvenates the body with its hydroelectric effects.

Enhances Neuron Efficiency: Sole provides the nerve cells of the body with all the elements it needs to effectively communicate with each other. This enhances the whole nervous system of the body,

Improves Sleep Function: Sole is a natural hypnotic. This means that it can help you get a good night’s sleep without resorting to sleeping pills.

Increases Digestive Power: Sole therapy can help your intestines absorb food and thereby greatly improving your digestive power.

Clears up Mucus: Himalayan Brine Therapy clears the lungs of mucus and phlegm. Hence, it helps those suffering from cystic fibrosis and asthma.

Provides relief for the Sinuses: Himalayan Salt Sole can help clear up the sinuses and provide instant as well as long lasting relief.

Stops Excess Saliva: Many users have reported that Himalayan Salt Sole Therapy can help control the excess production of saliva.

Prevents Osteoporosis: Did you know that osteoporosis is basically the result of a shortage of salt and water in the body? Brine therapy can therefore go a long way in preventing the incidence of osteoporosis. It also firms up the bones of the body.

Cures Dry Cough: If you have persistent dry cough, sole could help. Just put a spoonful of sole on your tongue.

Prevents varicose and spider veins: Sole therapy can help in preventing varicose and spider veins in the body.

Maintains Water Level: This helps the body maintain the water distribution at the cellular level.

Improves Immunity: Studies show that use of Himalayan Salt Sole can greatly improve the immune function of the body.

Himalayan Sole: A teaspoon of great health: It is simple, it is inexpensive and it is loaded with benefit. The best thing about Himalayan Sole Therapy is that you can do it at home, and at a time designated by you. So, go ahead, start using Himalayan Salt Sole today, and watch your health transform

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